I know its been a while since Ive had the chance to post but it seems as though things have been going downhill lately. Its Midterm season and all that means is that I have had 3 midterm exams and I have 2 more coming up. In fact, I actually have one today but that didn’t stop me from posting today. I have been doing great on my exams so far so I can’t complain but the lack of time for anything else, is disappointing sometimes.

Eric @ Clickbooth

Eric from Clickbooth sent over 2 shirts recently and they are just awesome. It definitely has a superhero theme to it and says “Where Super Affiliates are Made”. Great slogan, I think. I will post some pictures of me in the shirt whenever I am able to make some time to do so. I actually have the shirt ready to go, I just need to get my batteries recharged. So, Eric, I will definitely have those pictures soon!

Flu…Do you have it?

Aside from school, I actually have also caught the flu and I even had a fever the other day. All this with the classes I’ve had is no fun. I always tell people that I rarely ever get sick and usually when I do get sick its because I get too distracted and stressed with things going on so I’ve been trying to sleep a little better and get some rest and things of that nature. The flu seems to be going around though so I wonder if any of you seemed to have caught it? or is it just me?

Desktop Issues
In addition, last night a fiasco ensued when my desktop – with all my blogging and webdesign goodies decided to close its doors. I was in the middle of a 6-page paper when my desktop froze and then decided that it won’t boot up again. Maybe I can describe the issue and someone might be able to help me out. Every time I start the computer, the fan runs really fast but doesn’t boot the computer up. I think its because its getting quite a bit hot in texas and the computer isn’t getting enough cool air causing things to get over heated but thats just my theory. Any suggestions?

Follow me on Twitter
I also seem to be closing in on the 500 Twitter followers which makes me quite happy because about a month ago I only had a 100 or less. I think thats not too bad but I also have been trying to tweet quite a bit when I get time. I installed the Twikini App on my Windows Mobile cell phone and I have the TweetDeck app on my iPod as well as my ex-Desktop. I figure that way, even if I’m in class, or walking to get lunch, I am able to get online and send out a message really quick. It seems to be helping and actually, helps me still send out messages to my followers and readers. If you aren’t following me yet, you definitely should!

Reviewing UK Webhosting Company
I have also had quite a few review opportunities come my way and its no surprise as my Alexa Rank has been steadily declining which is a great thing. Recently, a UK based webSite hosting company asked me to give them a brief mention. I guess a lot of my readers are in the US based on my AwStats numbers (about 58%) but I seem to forget that about 20% of my readers are from the UK. Some might argue that web hosts in the US are cheaper and I actually do think they are. Lets consider this, the price for a .com domain on FreeZone is 8 pounds which is close to $15 in the US. Most webhosts in the US charge close to $9. In addition, all their hosting packages are 4 pounds or $7 or so a month and the maximum space is 10GB. That seems a bit low for most of us who have unlimited server space. I know a lot of people aren’t big fans of 1and1 but I use them and I pay around $5 a month for unlimited space. I think, that you can find better deals elsewhere but if you don’t want your server to be in the US, then maybe you can check them out.

I hope everyone is doing okay. I’ll probably have another post on Friday or so. I have my midterm in a few hours so wish me luck! Have a great rest of the week everyone!