There has been a lot happening this Friday and most importantly, there are contests taking place almost on a daily basis. Ofcourse, most of you have heard about my contest so far where I will be giving away 5 T-shirts but because of the slow response, I may decide to either end the contest by mid September or give out a shirt to one in every 5 entries. So far, the one shirt to every 10 entrants stands strong but depending on how things go, it may change. Either way, lets take a look at whats going on elsewhere in the blogosphere.

SweetHacks $50 Giveaway Contest!
Abdalla is running this contest and he is giving away either the Halo 3 Game or $50, you pick! I was the second place in his first contest and now that his site is finally back you can jump on this contest quickly. It ends in about a month, so lets see those entries!

iPhone Bonanza
I would love to have an iPhone on my hand and currently they are two placed giving them away! First one is by Buzz Patrol. They have a blog about celebrity news, celeb gossip and plainly entertainment news. There are a few methods of entry so go check it out!

The next person holding an iPhone contest is AskReaMaor and its pretty easy to enter her contest. She has all the rules laid out and the blog is actually well designed. I liked her humorous posts about “Hello, Tech Support, How May I Help You?” That post was pretty entertaining considering most of us have experienced the glorious days of staying on the line with Tech Support only to be transferred elsewhere to wait another half hour! Good stuff, specially because its really easy to enter. I promise that if I end up with 2 iPhones that I will be giving one of them away and I really hope I win this one from the AskReamaor blog!

$100 Cash Anyone?
Okay, who doesn’t like cash? Nobody, thats exactly what I thought. Once again, I love blogs that have easy methods to enter! So here we have WhassupJack giving away a $100 cash for just linking to them or subscribing to their feed along with commenting. I could really use the money, trust me!

Take a Bad Picture? How About A New Camera?
Mike from Stay At Home Dad, Geek Style is having a give-away where he is letting go of a brand new Canon SD750 Digital Camera. If you haven’t figured by the name already, he is a stay home dad who spends time with his daughter. He was also able to secure a sponsor, SmugMug, that is helping enhance the prize with a $150 value membership. DevDad has a great blog going and I think what really works for him is the design of his blog. I had checked out his blog when I first started blogging and the quality of his content has been maintained well, so go check out his Stay At Home Dad Digital Camera Give-Away!

24″ LCD Giveaway
In my other post, I mentioned about a 24″ LCD Giveaway by Prija but I just realized that JohnChow, the King of Blog Evil, is also hosting a 24″ LCD Giveaway. Here’s my entry! John Chow dot Com is holding another evil blog contest. He’s giving aw>ay a 24″ widescreen LCD monitor and a signed copy of the best selling book, The 4-Hour Workweek! Find out how to enter here. The contest is being sponsored byThe Million Dollar Wiki. Use coupon code JohnChow to save $10 on a page.

RomanDock’s First Contest
RomanDock or Nick has been a great contributor to the blog and I was just informed that he has a contest going on too. His blog talks about a little bit of everything but if you visit often you will see his love for Ham Radio. In his first blog contest, he is going to be giving away a book The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual, and a chance to win another $25 making the total prize value $50. The motive of the competition is to help someone get their Ham Radio license! I think its an interesting prize because it helps promote the concept of Ham Radio! Definitely check this one out because its not difficult at all to enter!

Darin Carters’ Wii Giveaway
Darin Carter is known to do things a different way, whether it is his Gmail productivity tips or the humorous oPhone video, Darin knows how to stick it to the competition. Similarly he has two contests going on and to make sure I enter both of them with one post, I figured I would kill two birds with the same stone, so here goes. Darin has a blog about search marketing and his style of writing and his generous way of handing out tips to fellow bloggers has helped him target a large audience over a short period of time. Darin’s blog has almost 200 RSS readers so he must be doing something right. Well for the first contest, Darin is giving away a Nintendo Wii which I would definitely love to win considering that its almost impossible to find anywhere.

Darin’s PS3 Giveaway
Second up, is his contest where he is giving away a Free Playstation 3 thanks to his sponsors over at IAWMD. Darin is an internet marketing expert and I actually discovered his blog a long time ago when I noticed that his RSS button has a white background located on a gray sidebar. I actually redesigned the RSS button for him and sent it to him because I am a perfectionist and that sort of bothered me. Anyway, I visited his blog again later only to notice that he never changed it! Darin, if you need it again just comment back and I will re-send it to you! I would have commented on the design but as some of you know, he is currently tweaking his new design so until that is completed I can’t say anything about that. The one thing I would say is that the background for GoogleAds is set to gray which can be a little distracting from the main content but depending on how well it earns, it may be a good idea to either leave it the way it is or change it to white like the rest of the page. Other than that, I can’t say much about the blog since its already being upgraded! Thanks for the opportunity Darin! I could give my fingers exercise by playing a few games every now and then!

Well, thats it for right now but check back soon for a little interesting find on Text-Link-Ads! Thanks for reading and check back soon! :)