There are a lot of things that have been happening that need to be talked about so first I will start with my contest which is currently ongoing followed by some other things to look forward for in the coming days.

Contest Update
Since I started my contest 4 days ago, I have been highly surprised by the amount of response I have received from the contest. I have already put out the first batch of entrants along with 10 new visitors to the blog and shortly the second batch of 10 entrants will be posted. I have already seen how the contest has boosted my traffic causing my Alexa and Technorati to stay on the rise. Although the contest hasn’t generated any income – in terms of Google Adsense or Kontera – it has definitely introduced several new people to my blog.

2 Month Birthday
My blog’s 2nd month Blog Birthday is coming up and I couldn’t be happier. It feels like only a short while ago that I had my 1st month birthday but time has been rushing along fast and its time for the second big update regarding earnings and statistics from the blog. This should be an interesting one because a LOT of things have happened in just 30 days!

Aside from the contest and the blog birthday coming up, I have lined up a few interesting posts specially one regarding a case study of RSS readers that you will find interesting. All this and more, coming up really soon!