So I know its been a while since I did these but I came across some new blogs so if you don’t see your blog mentioned then thats because I had found around 9 links and since I usually only give out 5 links at a time, I’m saving yours for next time. Anyway, had some great posts in the past week or so and so lets get the ball rolling with the links for this week.

1. Rajaie Talks – Rajaie talked about 11 tips on how to run a killer blog contest. Considering I’m almost done with my little surprise and am ready to start my contest, I liked this post a lot. Its a good resource for anyone that wants to run a blog contest in the near future or is planning on running one shortly.

2. SlyVisions – The Sly Guy over at SlyVisions mentioned not 10, not 20 but 30 tips to help you increase traffic. Thats a lot of great tips all combined into one great post. I think everyone in the blogosphere likes a little traffic and this post definitely pulls out some great tips. I really liked that there were so many tips that were quick to grasp considering they were all short and to the point.

3. DesmondBlog – Desmond has talked about whether backlinks come first or traffic and has done a really nice post about backlinks vs. traffic. I think that backlinks and traffic are equally important however backlink leads to traffic and incoming traffic can lead to backlinks so its a cyclical process in my opinion. He has brought up a great topic here.

4. Balkhis – Syed has done it again and this time has written a post based on my suggestion about how to implement an email subscription box on your blog. He obviously knows a lot about design and on his last tutorial I asked if he would write a tutorial about email subscription boxes and he did. Now I’ll finally be able to implement my email subscription box this weekend thanks to Syed.

5. NetStrife – Lucas over at NetStrife has a great post about how you can increase your affiliate sign ups. I mean, theres nothing like checking in your accounts and seeing passive income coming in on a daily basis and Lucas has some great tips to help you keep that income coming in. Affiliate sign ups earn some bloggers anywhere from $1500-$2000 a month and thats definitely not chunk change.

Hope you guys enjoyed this weeks Friday Weekly Link Round up. Hopefully if things work out well this weekend and no storm comes over Texas, then I’ll have my contest ready to go by Monday or so. I hope you guys are looking forward to that. Have a great Friday!