So, I’m sure you’ve seen people talk about the book Blog Blazers by Stephane Grenier lately but I wanted to tell you guys about this book. I was contacted by Stephane himself and he wanted to send me a copy to read and review and I liked the concept so I asked him to send me a copy. A few days later, I received it and I had kept it aside because I was taking finals and so I had to focus on that. I apologize to Stephane for writing this so late but I mean, it was worth the wait.

First off, for those of you who don’t know who Stephane Grenier is, let me tell you that he knows what he is talking about. He is the founder and CEO of Landlord Max Software, Inc. and he owns and operates several blogs. He speaks at the Website Promotion and Traffic Generation seminar and he is well-known for authoring his past ebook, How to Generate Traffic to Your Website. He has done a phenomenal job with this book and maybe having me tell you about it, will make you want to go and get the book.

The book itself is very interesting. The concept is highly interesting and basically Stephane has painstakingly interviewed 40 highly influential bloggers and asked them questions such as what their most successful blog post was, how they make money from their blog and what are some of their favorite blogs. Now, you’d think that wow 40 bloggers, that must be quite disorganized. Well, Stephane solved that issue too. The book is HIGHLY organized. The questions are well placed and it was really easy to go through the index and look up a certain blogger so you can read more about their interview.

It was really great to hear from some of the bloggers that Stephane has interviewed. He also did a great job with the questions and asked questions that most of us would like to know the answers to, so that was really good too. Its an excellent book and I highly recommend it.

Now, you might wonder how much this book costs. Well its actually very affordable. You can either buy it from the Blog Blazers website or through Amazon. The price is $16.95 plus shipping, no matter where you get it from, which is a really good deal if you ask me. If you’d like more options then if you head over to the Blog Blazers website, you can actually buy the ebook version and save a tree for $12.95 or you could get the hard copy and the ebook for $20.95 which is a really good deal. So, if you don’t have the book yet, then go out and get it!