There have been times that I have received emails from people offering me a certain amount of money to buy and my main reason for not selling it is because is my baby! I started this website as part of being an MMO blog and I have become attached to it. Whenever I received the offers, I never knew what the website was worth – or if it was worth anything at all. The website makes money and it still makes money, but I’m not sure what its value is.

I wondered if there were any Domain Appraisal websites out there and sure enough, I came across Theres a lot of other tools out there that you can use but the value that they assess really isnt effective. The problem with the free or other types of domain appraisals is that they are just giving you a value for entertainment purposes. Most of them give you a value based on the links coming in and such but they use a variety of factors to evaluate the value of the blog. They test the domain with a 15 factor analysis which checks various attributes that would affect the value of your domain.

Then t domain is appraised by an industry expert that they have on-hand. They promise appraisals to be completed within 4 days and doesn’t use any type of scripts of any sort. Basically, its not automated so everything is actually done by actual industry experts who are real people. They also provide you with an appraisal certificate in PDF form and they guarantee that your domain will sell within 12% of the appraised value and that the IRS will accept their valuation.

To help you further understand the website, they are BBB accredited and their services are fairly accurate. I sort of want to spend the $30 and get EnkayBlog evaluated however, since I dont want to sell it, I really dont have a need for it but maybe you do. If you do, go ahead and give it a shot and let me know what your blog or website is appraised at.