As many of you know, I have been out of blogging for several months now and getting back is hard but I think I have been doing good so far. There are a few things that I am currently working on so I figured I would give you guys an update as to what I am working on.

Top 100 Female Blogger List
I have started to go through my emails today and saving the URL’s for all the submissions and nominations that I have received. To be honest, there are probably going to be 300 total websites that I have so far for the list which is a huge increase as initially I only had 50 or so bloggers featured. I have lots and lots of emails to go through, approximately 600 or so which means that the list could be much larger than I am expecting so far.

To facilitate with the whole process, I have started a Twitter page @top100femblog so if you want to be on the list, just send me a tweet at @top100femblog with your URL and you will be added. You can also send an email to top100femalebloggers [at] gmail [dot] com. Twitter will definitely help me keep track of new submissions much more effectively.

Top 100 Twitter Blogger List
Yes, thats right. This is a whole new list which will feature the Top 100 Bloggers on Twitter. The list will be based on an algorithm that I am still figuring out at the moment. So, in the mean time, I am looking for bloggers who are willing to be featured on the list. If you’re interested, you can email top100bloggers [at] gmail [dot] com or follow @top100bloggers and send me a tweet and I will add you. Its that simple!

New Table Format
I have added a new table format which was previously powered by a WordPress 2.1 compatible plug-in so I wasn’t able to integrate it but now there is a new version that will allow me to integrate it and I already have the plug-in ready to go. So stay tuned for sneak peaks at this new table plugin and for more info.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and let me know your thoughts! Also, if you want to just leave me a comment here, then you can do that as well and I will add you!