Globerunner SEO is known for its seo copywriting services. If you don’t know what SEO copywriting is, then here is a little tid bit to help you get familiar with it.

SEO is search engine optimization and just as we have anchor text, SEO copywriters are able to give certain words more exposure to help you get the traffic that you may need. GlobeRunner SEO has professional copywriters that help you fit keywords into your websites without sounding too repetitious or too overbearing on the reader.

A good copywriter is essential in making the message clear and helping communicate to your perspective client about your services in a manner that can persuade, enlighten and eventually make them a customer. GlobeRunner offers SEO Services, Web Design, Social Media, Search Marketing, Effecting Link Building and SEO Copywriting. They do have a lot of things to offer and their SEO services page is full of details and a variety of services however there was no range of pricing or even an idea of pricing available at hand to compare pricing.

They do offer a free SEO analysis that helps you get started which was something that was good. I do have to say that the website design they employ is a bit outdated but their news page was quite current which was good. I think they have what it takes. They seem to know what they’re doing and I read their testimonials which sound promising.