I noticed an interesting ad by Google on this blog. As many of you know, I use Google Adsense on this blog and lately I noticed a new ad show up on the blog once in a while. This ad is different from most because it has a scroll bar on it allowing you to scroll through the ads to pick one that interests you. I decided to blog about this because I haven’t seen any other blogs notice this so to start off here is a screenshot of the ad with the visible scroll buttons on the bottom.

Google Scrolling Ad

What seems interesting is that how many people will actually be interested to scroll through an ad manually. I would have thought that an automatic scroll every 30 seconds or so may have been more interesting but that could get annoying if you are on a page for a longer period of time. The idea of the manual scrolling ad is a little confusing to me specially since most people will see a static ad and click on an ad if they are interested however, how many people actually are willing to browse through a scrollable ad to pick one they like. Anyway, it seems like something new that Google is going to try and lets see how it works out for publishers and Google. Have any of you seen an ad like this one elsewhere?