I have always wondered how I would manage the blog if I have to make a short trip, which is possible sometimes. For example, earlier this month I had gone to Orlando, FL to help my uncle move and was gone for about 3 days. I did do some blogging while I was there but the content wasn’t up to par and those three days took a toll on my traffic as my traffic suddenly dropped from 300 visits a day to around 30 or 50! It was so disappointing but as the numbers started to rise again and blog traffic was picking up, it made me happier. What I have always wondered is what are the pros and cons of having someone guest blog for you while you are away or maybe, a little too busy to blog.

Pros of having a Guest Blogger
1) First of all, you can always be sure that your readers get new content. While you are away, you may not get as much time to blog and so your guest blogger can provide your readers with new content on a timely basis.

2) Second, your readers may like the change in writing style. If your “guest blogger” has a different writing style than yours then your readers may also appreciate that. It is likely that your readers will like the change, not to say that your style of writing is boring but sometimes, change is good!

3) Third, you give someone else a chance who may write good content but may not be as popular as you are. This way, it also provides incentive for the guest blogger and you will feel nice because you have given someone an opportunity to reach a larger audience.

Cons of having a Guest Blogger
1) Probably the biggest negative is that you cannot control the message. Although you may have certain expectations, you cannot assume that those expectations can be met. All you can hope is that the blogger will provide your readers with content that is entertaining or informational. You may not be able to preview their post before it is published.

2) It is possible that readers may not like the writing style of the new blogger. Some readers may be so used to your blogging style that even a little change is unbearable specially if the guest blogger chosen is not up to par. The only thing they can do at this point is to console themselves with the fact that you will be returning soon!

3) Although this last point is unlikely, it is possible. Your guest blogger may self-advertise too much. It is possible that your guest blogger may dedicate a guest post about his/her blog entirely sort of like an advertisement, which may not be to your liking.

So you ask, “What should I look for in a guest blogger?“. Well here are some things that you can look for in a guest blogger that will help you pick out someone suitable.
1) Pick someone you think you can trust. You have to approach someone who you have “talked” to a little bit. Talked in the sense that you have exchanged comments, emailed each other, etc. This will keep your mind at peace because you have a certain sense of trust in that person rather than choosing someone with whom you have never communicated before.

2) This is a given, but you have to make sure that the blogger has quality content and that the target niche for their blog and your blog is somewhat similar. You cannot approach a blogger that usually blogs about maternity to guest post for your technology blog, it just wont work out. So you have to make sure that they are interesting to read and that they have a blog with a similar target niche as yours.

3) Although this sounds a little degrading, don’t take this in the wrong way. You have to find a blogger who is lower than you in ranking because then they have more incentive to take on the guest blog role. That way, they get a little more publicity and you will be stress-free knowing that your blog is in the right hands.

Well thats about all when it comes to guest blogging. Having said that, hopefully when you decide to hand over your blogs to your dedicated guest blogger then you will remember my tips and implement them. If you feel that you would to have me guest blog on your blog site then do not hesitate to contact me! Don’t worry, I don’t bite! ;)