Yes, its true, I’ve been blogging for 14 months today but technically I count it as a year because there was a period in the middle where I didn’t blog at all or blogged very little. This has been a tremendous journey for me and I’m going to try to recap how my past blog birthdays have gone keeping in mind that I did skip over quite a few birthdays after month #6 but I’ll do what I can with the posts that I have. Considering I did plan on selling the blog in the middle, writing this post makes me realize why doing that would have been a stupid mistake. So keeping all that aside, lets take a look back at the past year or whatever has been documented atleast!

Blog Birthday – Month #1Link
I realized that it wasn’t easy running a blog and it was harder to get people motivated to keep coming back for more. At this time, Technorati was over 1 million and Alexa was around 997,000

Blog Birthday – Month #2Link
I had just gotten accepted into ReviewMe a few days before this birthday and had won a contest by Jay over at OnlineOpportunity! I had also won Ms. Danielle’s Zune Contest and had started a contest of my own to give away an video player and that really helped my rankings. Technorati at this point was at 160,000 and Alexa was at 420,000

Blog Birthday – Month # 3 - Link
I had started a link train by the name of Jump Start Your Page Rank that had become so popular that it resulted in over 600 blog reactions on Technorati over its life. By this blog birthday, I had won 3 more contests that included cash prizes, t-shirts and quite a bit of advertising. Alexa was at 225,000 and Technorati was a mind boggling 26,000 by this time.

Blog Birthday – Month # 4Link
I wrote my first post about female bloggers that inspired by to do the Top 50 List shortly after which is now replaced by the Top 100 Female Blogger List. I had moved to a new server and Technorati was around 16,000 and Alexa was at 109,000 at this point.

Blog Birthday – Month # 5Link
I decided to give TTZMedia a shot over Adsense and decided that TTZ Media wasn’t performing as well. I was also not as constant at blogging resulting in one of my lowest months since the blog was first started. Alexa was at 87,000 and Technorati was acting weird and rose mysteriously to 19,000 when this post was written.

Blog Birthday – Month # 6 - Link
After reviewing Robert Macewan’s Blog here, I was asked by the Prize Blog to review them by the time month 6 rolled around with half price reviews. Alexa was at 81,000 and Technorati was near 21,000 by this point.

TODAY – July 15th 2008
After moving over from the original domain to I realized that I’ve learned a lot about blogging because I was able to set up this blog faster in terms of Feedburner, Technorati, Alexa, MyBlogLog, Twitter, etc. If you guys didn’t notice, Alexa was around 4,300,000 a week ago when it first showed up for this domain considering it was brand new but today it already stands in the 800,000’s. Thats a phenomenal drop and I hope that such things continue to happen.

As far as Technorati is concerned, I’m around the 230,000 mark compared to the rank of over 1 million that I had when I wrote my first post here which was July 7th, so thats not even 10 days!!

I also realized that the move made my blog go from a PR 0 to PR 3. Although PR is a bunch of bogus anyway, I know that I’ve always been punished by Google considering they’ve previously taken away my PR 3 for my original domain and bumped me down to a 0.

Currently the blog has over 350+ posts, 1500+ comments and a stunning 500,000+ spam comments! Nice to see those numbers, dont you think?

My RSS Subscriber count was what I was most worried about but thanks to feedburner I was able to do a simple transfer and my RSS count has been the highest its ever been being near and on some days over 100.

All in all, I’m very excited to be able to celebrate 14 months (technically 1 YEAR) of blogging. I’m also glad to be back to blogging after my hiatus and seeing numbers like these I really don’t want to ever have to give up my blog. Anyway, I hope that you guys check out my great contest and take part in it because theres some great prizes to be had so go check it out and Thank you to all my readers for all your support!