Recently I received a call from a local business owner that I know and he mentioned to me a problem he was having with his computer system. After hearing some of the systems, I could tell that his issues had to do with hard drive repair or more appropriately hard drive recovery issues.

The hard drive at his store was corrupt and he was afraid to lose the data on the drive because of the invoices stored on them. This is something very common that I have come across as many businesses – specially small businesses – are not able to take the best care of their laptops and desktops.

I mean, situations like this even happen to people you and I work with. We always have those days where our computer just won’t cooperate and we need to get a new hard drive and lose the data we have on there. Well now we don’t need to worry because DTI Data offers a free upfront flat rate price quote on all its hard drive data recovery services. This means that even though you might lose your hard drive, you don’t necessarily have to lose the information on it.

Why is DTI is the best data recovery company? Well aside from their reasonable prices they offer a data guarantee and all single hard drive recoveries are guaranteed where if they recover no data then the service is free. Now, if you’ve already tinkered with the hard drive or someone else has opened it, then the rule doesn’t apply, but you’d know that already!

They are also authorized by ALL hard drive manufacturers to open their hard drives and they have a class 100 clean room which is a HUGE deal when it comes to data recovery companies around the US. If you have data problems, get rid of your hard drive, not your data and call DTI data.