Have you ever wondered how your audience reacts to the ads on your website? If you are a monetized blog like mine, before you place any ads on your website, you should always ask yourself whether or not this will help my blog and if it will hurt my readership. Some blogs have some great content but the way ads are used on them is something that turns away readers. Again, I’m not saying that it hurts to use ads, because it doesn’t (just look at John Chow), but on the other hand, you should consider what types of ads may be useful and which ones may not be. Lets take a look at a few ads and see why they could hurt your blog.

Popup Ad

1. Popup Ads – Popups ads (such as the ones you see above) are the ones that are most common on blogs and sites that are trying to generate a quick buck by having you click on them accidentally. This is probably one of the worst ads to use on your blog because having these annoys people as they have to close these ads before they can access the content on your blog. If you have an ad that interferes with the content of your website then you are already on the losing end. Popup Ads are getting a little more uncommon now and thats mainly because people know that having them can be a major disadvantage.

2. Mid-Post Ads – I have ads embedded within my posts but when I say mid-post ads, I mean where you have a single post that is broken up half-way to accommodate an ad. I have seen this on a few blogs and its where you have content, an ad, and then you continue the content where you left off. It doesn’t work because it breaks up your post and the reader can lose their flow, which can be quite irritating to a reader. As I said earlier, dont have an ad that will distract the reader from your content.

3. Ad Overload – Probably one of the easiest blog killers is the fact that you just have too many ads. You can lose a reader very easily if you have a start up blog with less content and more ads. It just won’t work no matter how tempting your ads are. Your readers may bare with it for a day or two but after that, they will just stop returning or if your RSS doesn’t have those ads, they will just read your feed.

4. Pop Under Ads – The most common type of Pop Under Ad is the one that states that your computer is infected and that you need to get it cleaned. Sure, it will bring you a lot of clicks from innocent readers but do you even know what kind of spyware you are promoting? The only advantage of Pop Under Ads is that they won’t interfere with your content but your readers will still have to deal with closing those ads after they have already closed the browser for your blog or website.

5. Follow Ads – I don’t know if “Follow Ads” is the technical words for the ads I am going to describe but these can be more annoying than most mainly because these are the ads that actually scroll up and down the page as the reader scrolls up or down. These ads follow the movement of the scroll and can be situated in the sidebars or even at the header of your content. Once again, these types of ads can be distracting.

In the end, I hope you have learned that there are several ad systems that can actually hurt your readership more than it helps you and you should try and stay away from it. I will be discussing the types of ad systems I use in a later post. Hope you understand that any ad system can become bad for you as soon as it begins to interfere with your content. You want readers to actually read your content and visit back and you don’t want them to start to dislike dealing with the ads on your blog and place you on their block list! Thanks for reading. Let me hear your experiences with these ads above.