Recently, I have read several blogs including Online Opportunity talk about picking a focus for your blog and sticking to it. If you are planning on starting your own blog you should realize that if you wish for your visitors to come back or subscribe, you cannot have a loose focus. Meaning, you should let your visitors know what subjects you will be addressing on your blog and stick to that. The occasional off-subject post is considered O.K but its usually nice to stay within your boundaries, in terms of topic.

What is my focus?
So you might be wondering what I focus on in my blog. Mostly I talk about technology, cars, blogging, business and once in a while i throw in a little entertainment. By entertainment I don’t mean the Hollywood news but videos that I have found around the web. Some might even categorize the blog as a personal blog however, I don’t see myself talking too much about my personal life. I do provide my opinion on certain news stories dealing with technology and business but I also want my readers to be able to gain some knowledge about what is going on beyond the realm of blogging itself. Personally, I would talk about making money online but as most would agree, there are already several players in that part of the blogging world and I am not too well established to shed light on a subject that I am not too familiar with. That brings me to my next segment : Knowing What You Blog About.

Knowing What You Blog About: Credibility
When you have a blog, you have a certain responsibility towards your readers in assuring them that you do have knowledge about the subject that you are addressing. You cannot blog about something just because it may seem entertaining to you. You have to have a certain degree of knowledge about the subject because you have to be able to let your readers know that you have credibility. For example, I can talk about Business because I am in college pursuing a double major in business and I have read quite a bit about management and marketing strategies. I am also a car enthusiast and therefore I could review cars and talk about them however, I cannot provide advice on car repairs or anything of that sort because I don’t know much about those sorts of things. So, you have to see what your strong points are and what you are knowledgeable about and focus on those things.

Going Off-Subject
Its not bad to go off-subject but you shouldn’t do it too often. If you have visited my blog you may see the occasional video from Youtube but that is merely for entertainment. Sometimes, I feel that my readers may enjoy a certain video that they may not have seen and that is the only time that I would actually have a video entry. I always try and stay on my blog focus because even though your off-subject posts may get you more hits from time to time, those readers will never be committed. If someone visits your website after discovering an off-topic post that came up in a Google Search, they may only visit your website once, however, if you have a readership base, those readers will always return if you maintain a focus. Before posting an entry, always think whether or not your readers will accept reading the post or if that particular post wont hurt your current readership. All in all, going off subject once in a while cant be too detrimental but doing it too often may not help you very much either.

Unrelated Reviews
If you are a ReviewMe or SponsoredReviews member then you may get review offers from potential clients however you should always see whether the website or software that you have to review is something that your readers wont mind reading. You also have to remember that you cannot accept reviews for Golfing if you have a Technology blog because the subject matter will conflict and that isn’t too good for the advertiser or for you. I do accept quite a lot of reviews but mainly I like to accept reviews that have to do with some sort of online web service or software because that blends with the Technology category. Also, once your blog starts gaining popularity then it may be a good idea to not accept as many review offers anymore because your readers may not be receptive to an overloading of reviews. You have to remember that your readers like to see more of your content and less of the sponsored reviews unless the reviews are related to your niche.

So, I hope that you enjoyed reading this post about having focus in your blog and I can tell you that if you maintain your focus then your readership base will continue to grow as your readers will be more inclined to return if they have an expectation of what you are going to talk about. How do you guys deal with off-topic posts that are interesting but may be a little unrelated to your niche? Well, Stay tuned, I have a very interesting review coming up!