Like many of you, the sinking stock market kind of has me bummed and although I, unlike most others, don’t have much to lose, I still want to make sure that my trades are being processed at the best prices.

I use AmeriTrade and they can be somewhat expensive when it comes down to certain things but apparently a company by the name of HB markets is willing to make a difference.

They consider themselves the stockbrokers that are different from everyone else. They suggest that stockbroking is not just about the stock market breaking news, share dealing, penny shares and share tips and that it extends beyond that. They say that it should not revolve just around researching the market, analyzing the share news, share prices or studying the AIM and Plus markets.

They offer a variety of different services including advisory broking, small company shares, online trading, advisoring and execution-only CFD’s, spread betting, ISA’s and SIPP’s. Although I’m not an expert in all of this and nor is the blog really about the financial markets, I thought it would be interesting to see a brokerage firm on here.

Oddly enough, the website seems pretty well laid out and I have seen some websites that claim to have low trade prices and such but HB Markets doesn’t focus on that. I think their overall approach is their depth of services.

Either way, How good they are, I don’t know but it seems like they know what they’re talking about. I guess it all boils down to real user reviews. To be honest, I had never heard of them, have you?