What led me to have this post was when I saw Ms. Danielle’s Friday post about her rabbit, Binky. I had heard about a puppy with a heart shape on its back but it was hard to believe without actually seeing any pictures. Sure enough, a few searches brought up images that were beyond believable. So get this, “Heart-Kun“, as it is called by its owner, is a one-and-a-half month old chihuahua who was born on May 18th as one unique puppy in a litter of several others. What was surprising was that Heart-Kun was the only one in the litter to have a perfect heart shape on its back. The owner of the chihuahua are owners of a dog shop in Odate, which is located in northern Japan. The owner says that she has bred around 1,000 puppies but Heart-Kun is the first with such a unique heart shape. Wouldn’t you like to buy Heart-Kun? Well, bad news for you then, because you can’t, the owner doesn’t want to sell the puppy and prefers keeping it. I did a few searches on Youtube and found this particular video of Heart-Kun along with a few pictures below.

Heart-Kun      Heart-Kun

Source: The Daily Telegraph