I like to see new people visit the blog and email me about questions they have whether its about the Top 100 Female Blogger List which is #1 for the keyword “Top Female Bloggers” or my highly popular post about Infolinks which is the first to show up if you type in “Infolinks Kontera” in Google and is the only relevant post when you type in just “Infolinks“. Now if they’d only had a referral program, I’d be golden but nevermind that.

The point today is that I like interesting blogs and I like interesting blog posts. I have come across some new blogs and really enjoyed their content and I want to discover new blogs. If you’ve been stalking my blog and haven’t commented yet or have commented but maybe only once or twice then I want you to leave me a comment with your blog URL so that I can come check it out.

Now you might think, well yeah sure, why do YOU want to discover new blogs. So I figured that theres no better way to explain my thought process than to show you a short list:

1. New Blogs = Inspiration – When you come across a new blog its always good to stick around because it helps you inspire them and their hard work and path to success can help inspire you. Its somewhat like the idea that people see someone like JohnChow or ShoeMoney and pursue their blogging career with that as a goal as their lifestyles inspire them to strive for better.

2. New Commentators – It sounds like a useless concept but it does work out. When you find a new blogger and show them support by commenting or linking to them then you basically create a link with them which allows them to want to write comments or link back to you. Its turns into a give-take relationship which is good for all blogs as a blog as a blog is nothing without its readers and doing so will help bring in more readers indirectly.

3. You Can Learn Something – Usually people say that new bloggers are noobs or “newbies” and don’t know anything but thats not necessarily true. They might know something that you have no idea about. Its not all about what you know but about what you can learn from someone. You can learn about new advertising companies or new blogs that you wouldn’t have come across otherwise.

Theres many more reasons than that and those include the idea that if you help someone then hopefully when you need help, they’re more likely to be around and because of a new blog you may be able to discover other struggling blogs and discover new content and new ways of presenting content. Its definitely beneficial and those who have personally gained something out of new blogs will be able to vouch for it. So, if you’re a new visitor or you’ve been here before but haven’t commented or you know someone who is new, let me know their blog url and I’d be glad to stop by and say hello!