I know that I have been on hiatus for quite a while now but it seems like this hiatus seems to have struck quite a few bloggers who are not being able to post as often as they used to. As the blogging niche gets more and more saturated, it seems that some bloggers are not seeing a benefit (money-wise) to stay in the business. Some bloggers are selling out and jumping ship and others like me are still hanging in there. I have made a promise to myself to keep this blog alive, and that, I will do. I see a benefit in posting on the blog and I have now set a goal for myself to blog every day after my first class, so hopefully I am able to meet that goal.

I love my blog, and it feels like a family member to me because when I don’t write on it for a few days, I have a guilty feeling. I feel as though I have ignored it for a while and that I need to get back and so I’ve made a promise not to have that guilty feeling anymore and thats why I’ll be writing on it as much as I can. Lately I’ve thought about all the benefits of going on a hiatus rather than selling the blog. No, I’m not talking about selling my blog but about the blogosphere in general. As to why people should rather keep their blog instead of selling it.

1) Readers Will Return
– Most people feel that when they stay away from their blog for a while that their readers have moved on and will never return. I for one, can tell you that this isn’t true. There have been two occasions where I had completely stopped blogging and my readers always returned. Your readers are loyal and if they like your content, then they will return. I know for certain that if some of my favorite bloggers go on vacation for even a month or two, that when they come back, I will definitely return to read once I know that they are back. There was a 3 month period last year where I only blogged 3-4 times a month and my readers were always there to support me and I cannot thank them enough but the truth is that they will definitely return when you decide to come back from your hiatus.

2) Its Not Coming Back – Once you sell your blog, its not ever coming back. Yes, you can find a new blog and build it back up from scratch but its not the same thing. You have a personal connection with your blog and its not as easy to just sell it and start all over. This is my first blog and selling it and starting another blog is not the route I would want to take. Its sort of like your first car. Once you sell your car, you still always think about it or talk about it. The way I see it, is that starting a new blog will take lots of time and effort and you will have identity issues because people will still associate you (for a while atleast) with the older blog and not the new one so aside from the time input, you will also have a harder time developing the new blog into something to remember.

3) Satisfaction > Money – This is a simple math equation. I believe that the satisfaction that comes from keeping my blog is much greater than the money that will come when someone sells their blog. Its a confusing concept to explain but think of it this way. When someone makes you an offer on your blog, you might think about the money and not about the blog but once you have sold your blog, you will want to visit the URL and check up on it because now you realize what you missed out on for a little bit of money. I think the personal satisfaction you get from your blog is far greater than what you think it is, until you decide to sell the blog entirely.

So, I really hope you enjoyed this post and I’d love to hear your thoughts about this. Once again, sorry for the hiatus but I will strive to post as much as I can. Thanks again for reading and have a great rest of the week!