Hi guys, well I am here in Orlando and I figured I would get a post in since my arrival here last night at 11pm. As most of you know, today is when the iPhone is ready for purchase and thats part of every headline as I turn on the TV and switch the channels. I have to leave here in about 15 minutes but I saw a pretty interesting article that MSN had up that talked about professions that pay well and dont require a BA degree.

1. Air Traffic Controller — $105,820
The job: Organizing and controlling the flow of airplanes into and out of an airport.
How to get it: You may not need a college degree, but getting hired as an air traffic controller isn’t easy. Candidates need four years of college and/or three years of work experience before undergoing pre-employment testing. Once they make the cut, they must complete the FAA Academy and an additional training program before starting work.

2. Real Estate Broker — $76,930
The job: Helping clients sell their residential property.
How to get it: To obtain a broker’s license, candidates need 60 to 90 hours of formal classroom training, and one to three years of real estate sales experience.

3. Transportation Manager — $75,130
The job: Working out the logistics for transportation firms, including mapping out the best routes and estimating demand.
How to get it: Experience driving a truck or working in transportation sales is the most common route to this occupation. Just over half of transportation managers have some college experience, but less than one-quarter completed a bachelor’s degree.

4. Non-Retail Sales Supervisor — $73,670
The job: Hiring, training, supervising and scheduling the work of sales workers, including cashiers and customer service representatives.
How to get it: Many supervisors start out on the sales floor and work their way up the organization. Good conversational skills, problem-solving ability and computer literacy are crucial.

5. Nuclear Power Reactor Operator — $66,900
The job: Running the machinery at nuclear reactors.
How to get it: Operating a nuclear power reactor requires extensive training by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which includes a mix of classroom work and on-the-job instruction To obtain a license, candidates must pass an annual practical exam and may be subjected to drug screenings.

6. Gaming Manager — $65,920
The job: Creating game policies and managing the day-to-day responsibilities at a casino.
How to get it: Work experience is the primary requirement. Many gaming managers start out as dealers or other casino floor workers.

7. Power Distributor — $59,510
The job: Controlling the flow of electricity through lines to industrial plants or substations.
How to get it: A high school diploma is usually required, and candidates undergo extensive on-the-job training and classroom instruction.

8. Detective — $58,750
The job: Gathering facts and evidence to help solve crimes.
How to get it: Detectives usually begin as police officers and get promoted to detective after a probationary period that ranges from six months to three years.

9. Elevator Repairer — $58,500
The job: Installing, repairing and maintaining elevators and escalators.
How to get it: Most new repairers apply through the local chapter of the International Union of Elevator Constructors. To qualify for an apprenticeship, candidates must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, pass an aptitude test and be in good physical shape.

10. Ship Engineer — $57,290
The job: Operating and maintaining machinery on a ship, including propulsion engines, generators and pumps.
How to get it: Most water transportation occupations require a license from the U.S. Coast Guard. Applicants must accumulate a certain number of hours at sea and pass a written exam, physical exam, drug screening and National Driver Register Check to be considered.

Thats a pretty interesting list and maybe professional blogger should have been on the list too! But then again, I think these estimates are based on averages and if you consider average earnings for a blogger, then it may not be that high. But then again, we can only hope!

Update From Orlando
In the next few days, we will be seeing how well JohnChow is doing with his earnings report and I should point out that I had planned to do a Toyota Rav4 Review this week and because of the unexpected Orlando trip, I am going to have to delay that for the weekend once I am back because I have the details and information for that review on my home computer. Also in the next few days we will be surely seeing more detailed reviews of the iPhone which is something I am really looking forward to. Actually, this laptop isn’t even mine, its my uncles so I just wanted to clear that up. Thats why I dont have the imaging software to create a header image. Either way, there is a lot to look for in the next few days on my blog. I have a few more “make money online” tips. Well, I hear a knock on the door so If I get some more time later on today, I shall have more posts up. Thanks for reading guys!