Some of you have asked me after my Market Leverage interview as to how the “experiment” of Enkay Blog actually started and I thought it would be interesting to share with you how it all began.

May 2007

It all goes back to May of 2007 when I had just started my summer vacation. I was tempted by my well established Internet Geek of a brother, that I should start up my own blog. He doubted by ability of maintaining it and I decided to take him up on the challenge.

I had a domain name and hosting that I used to host family pictures on and decided to create a subdomain to host a blog. I created that around Mid-May and started posting articles with no general focus in terms of niche. This was mainly an effort on my part to gain as much traffic as I could. It worked, in fact, I had a 50,000 page views the first month. Not bad for a start up blog.

Either way, I started commenting on other blogs and emailing other bloggers and slowly began networking. This really helped put me into the Make Money Online niche as I started to learn about new sources of income and how to integrate them into my blog.

June – August 2007
Those were the months that actually helped me move more into the blogging and make money online niches and I started writing more about blogging techniques and new websites and sources of income for your blog. I even started making over $100 the first month onwards. Not a bad start but these three months really pushed me into the blogging world and a year later, here I am today.

It was also during this time that the name “Enkay Blog” actually came about since I decided to use my initials (N.K) as the name for the blog. So when you say out my initials N.K you will hear Enkay. Thats the concept behind the name and it definitely made it more personal to me and my readers.

Why Was It An Experiment?

Well, I mentioned that I already had a domain and hosting from early and just created a subdomain to host my blog on. Well, that domain was going to expire in another month along with the hosting. I figured that if in 1 month, I didn’t see satisfactory results, I would quit blogging. Its a bold move but I didn’t want to put in more money without any outcome.

Well, a month passed and I decided that it was worth it and went ahead with renewing it for a year. As you all know, that was a mistake because the domain was not pretty and probably didn’t help me very much at all. July 7th 2008 marked the day that I moved to my new domain, and ever since I have experienced a much better retention of readers and I hope to continue on doing what I’m doing.

I’d like to hear from you guys, how did you get started and what motivated you to get started in the blogosphere?