This isn’t a review as most of you would think. I know that I haven’t posted in a long time here on Enkay Blog but I think the time has come that I do start posting on here. I’ve missed the blog a lot and school has now come to a close and that means, more time for my blog. Interestingly enough, this comeback post is somewhat weird for me. I have been with 1&1 Hosting for about 4 years now and have never had any problems but I started to get concerned after I received this email from a reader who is also a member on a very popular hand-held PC forum. A forum where I have been a member for about 5 years.

The email is as follows – ” Figured I’d share my experiences with 1&1. I am glad you are having good luck with them, but honestly, I have no good words for them. The domain was stolen a few days before the last PocketPC Magazine hit the stands, in which my software won a major award, and I was receiving a lot of exposure with DVD Catalyst Free due to a LifeHacker article. They took over the domain at the time the domain was the most popular, and nearly killed my whole business in the process. Because of their thievery, I’ve been struggling ever since. Finally last November I got a lucky break, but take it from me, change your registrar company before you end up like me.”

The thing is that I have heard of PocketDVD and I think that this story does have a lot of truth to it and I strongly feel for this individual. I also understand what is going on. I even looked up what this person was talking about and its very true – this has happened to a lot of people. Now, I figured that I am a loyal customer so why shouldn’t my hosting company be loyal to me? right? well, I want to ask these questions directly to 1and1 so I hope that someone is willing to answer these questions for me.

So, if anyone representative comes across this or anyone has had experience with this issue or has heard others that have had this issue please write in the comment box below as I would love to hear from you. So lets see the comments! Also, do let me know if you’ve experienced such problems or even similar problems with other hosting companies.