There has been a lot of buzz over the past week that the PR updates had taken place. To be honest, I didn’t read about the PR updates until I browsed to my own blog and saw the toolbar display a PR of 2 in the bottom. Although the PR Prediction Tool had displayed an expected PR of 5, I personally believed that the blog would receive a PR of 3 and so I was a little disappointed in the fact that I wasn’t able to do better than a 2.

I don’t really know how Google calculates the PR however according to some other data centers, the PR was displaying as a 3. Either way, I guess I will have to wait for the next updates to hope for a better PR. My question is, for those of you that did receive the PR update or a new PR for a new blog, how content are you?

Also, there have been rumors that this is the last of PR and beginning next year, there would be something known as Trust Rank. I don’t know how far this is true but if anyone knows, it would be something interesting for me to look into. I would also like to apologize for the delay in updates over the past week due to the fact that I was unable to even turn my computer on for more than 20 minutes considering that I was running around with school work. I will definitely try and get stuff posted more often. Anyway, let me know your thoughts on PR and have a great weekend ahead!