Well, its like how they say it, if you have a goal to accomplish and there are other people in the same boat as you, its very likely that the best way to get to your destination safely is to stick together. Thats how the situation is in the blogging world, except for the fact that its virtual. One of the things I have noticed about blogging is that there is a lot of community support and by community I do not mean my physical neighbors or friends, I mean my virtual neighbors and friends. Theres a lot of other people in the blogging world, who are on the same quest to success as you and the only way everyone can be successful is by helping each other. I am going to talk about how connecting with other members on websites such as MyBlogLog can help you and what some of the myths are. Please note, that this isn’t specific to MyBlogLot but I use it as an example due to its popularity in the blogging world.

Myth #1 – I cannot approach strangers
Truth - Thats really not true. Although, I have to agree that people on the internet are strangers, it is VERY rare to find someone who is not kind and courteous. I have come in contact with several hundred people through MyBlogLog and have yet to find somebody who was rude. Its probably your best bet to approach some of the members to start connecting with each other. You have to know that you cannot approach someone to have them click on your ads or anything, but you can definitely approach them to exchange ideas regarding post ideas or monetizing ideas.

Myth #2 – MyBlogLog is a social networking website like MySpace – Although MyBlogLog can be considered a social networking website, it really isn’t like MySpace. Yes, its true that if you aren’t looking in the right places that you may find an odd ball or so, but you will never really come across anyone who may be intrusive. MyBlogLog is basically a marketing strategy for most bloggers because it helps you get your website out there and by doing so, other members can visit your profile and actually browse to your blog and who knows, they might actually like it and subscribe to your feed!

Myth # 3 – Networking with others cant really help me – Well of course it can! Networking with other people who have similar interests or even not so similar interests could get you readers. If you network with similar people then its highly possibly that they might become frequent visitors to your blog and they may even talk about it in their posts if they can relate to your content. If you think about it, business is all about the people you know and that is the same way with blogging. Its about who you know and I am not saying that we should only restrict ourselves to meeting successful bloggers but we should meet everybody because you never know, Chuck who may be a novice blogger today may grow to be a blogger that earns over $10,000 a month. Anything is possible so start creating your networking web!

Tip # 1 – Easy to Find Guest Bloggers - MyBlogLog is actually a great place to find people who can help you by being Guest Bloggers on your website. Its easy to find other people who have blogs that have a similar focus in their blog when compared to yours. That way, when you need a good guest blogger, they can help you out and vice-versa. So, if you have to go on that weekend vacation with your family, then it may not be a problem spending more time with your family and less time on the computer.

Tip # 2 – Use your MyBlogLog Community to Your Advantage – I didn’t say, take advantage of them, I said use them to your advantage! Its true, you can use your community to publicize really good posts or add each other on Technorati. You can also promote special occasions such as blog contests through MyBlogLog to your community and they might help add traffic to your website by talking about it on their blog. You can even ask your community for help regarding issues while blogging, because like I said before, there are a lot of people that are in the same boat as you are, so they probably know what you are going through.

Tip # 3 – Find Blogs with Similar Niches – this is very helpful because as I said with Guest Blogging, even if you don’t need a guest blogger, finding other blogs with similar niches can actually help because if you end up reviewing the other blog and if they review you, then you have just increased your readership. If your blogs have a similar niche then it has to be true that your readers are somewhat similar. Meaning, that your readers come to your blog to get particular types of information and so you can introduce new readers to each others blog. This can be helpful and detrimental (in the sense, that your readers go elsewhere now) but for the most part, its usually helpful.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post regarding MyBlogLog and If you haven’t signed up for my community as yet, do join and send me a message! I would love to hear from you guys. Thanks again!