This topic is something I haven’t discussed before and I know that recently there are only a few blogs that have had to come to terms with the idea of how many posts a day or per week was enough. A lot of the top bloggers that blog full-time write a few posts every day but most of us who have our blogs as more of a part-time job or hobby only post once a day and some of us even 3-4 times a week.

The question that comes up is how many posts do I have to write per week? Well, there is no real answer but anybody will tell you that writing fewer and fewer posts every week won’t help you retain readers and you’ll soon disappear into the blogosphere dust.

Heres what happens if you write too many posts
– If you’re the kind of person that puts out content more than once a day, you’re actually exhausting your content unless you’re a top blogger. The reason top bloggers are able to churn out more than one post a day is because they have a lot more time to do activities, have lunch and do things that would be interesting to read about or watch a video about.

If you’re not a top blogger then writing more than one or two posts a day could mean that you’re finishing up all your good ideas and resources way too quickly and that could lead to the demise of your blog much faster than you’d imagine.

Heres what happens if you blog too little – If you blog too little and you’re not a pro-blogger then you’re actually not able to retain your audience. Basically, if I began to blog once a week then my reading audience during the week itself would be very very low and you don’t want that as an aspiring top blogger.

On the other hand, if youre a popular blogger and you decide to slow down blogging for a SHORT PERIOD (notice, not forever, but for a short period) of time then you should do okay. You’ll still lose traffic but you’ll be able to regain it fast enough once you start back. The story is completely different for new and aspiring bloggers because you just won’t keep your readers engrossed enough.

What if you blog once daily? – This is the scenario that most of us “mid-bloggers” use. I consider myself a mid-blogger because I’m not like John Chow but I’m also not a new blogger. If you blog once daily, you’re able to keep your audience hooked with a new article or post every day and that means that your traffic is highly stable and you have lots of return visitors.

This has been the most favorable for me in order to maintain my blog. I’m sure that if I started to slowly climb the top blogger ladder that I would automatically raise the number of posts I did in a day from 1 to maybe 2-3 per day.

I realize that many of you blog 2-3 times a week or something in that range but this was mainly to focus on some of the more common ways that people go about blogging. I wonder what your thoughts are on this and whether you think blogging once a day is enough or does someone like me need to blog more? Let me know! Have a great weekend everyone. You’ll be seeing the contest results on video this weekend so Good Luck!