There are a lot of high PR blogs out there that offer free link backs for small reviews and some even go as far as having screen shots and mandatory RSS subscriptions and thats mainly because they have a high enough PR that getting a link back from them is worth it. Someone of that caliber would be Ades from AdesBlog, John Chow, Problogger, ShoeMoney, those types of people. I have a link exchange of my own where you can get a free link back or if you want to double your luck then check out my contest, you will get a free link back there and a chance to win a 1GB Video Player. Anyway, I wanted to see how much a back link is really worth and how it can affect your blog:

Well, if you were mentioned on a high PR blog, it is highly possible that they have a large readership and what that means for you is that you will have higher than usual traffic. The reason more traffic is good is because what you have to offer might interest some of your new visitors and that way they might become regular readers and visitors.

If the blog you are linked by has a high enough Technorati ranking then this automatically boosts your Technorati authority. For example, when I got linked by JohnChow, my authority went up by 2 as soon as that happened. Great, so how does this help me? Well, think about it, most Review websites check to see your Technorati Ranking and if your ranking rises then it could help you get a higher rating at the pay-for-review website that you are a part of.

Although, I don’t know how much your Pagerank (PR) is affected by one particular back link, I do know that the amount of back links you have is used in deciding what your PR will be. Currently my blog has a predicted Page Rank of 3 with 188 back links. Also, the higher the PR of the person linking to you, the stronger your predicted PR ranking gets.

Alexa & RSS
These two are grouped together because this is what I call “after-effect”. The reason is because they are indirect because the additional traffic is what could help raise your Alexa ranking and RSS subscriptions because the more people you have visiting with the Alexa tool bar, the better your Alexa ranking gets and the more people that get hooked onto your blog, the higher the chances are of them subscribing to your RSS feed.

Things to Remember
1. Aside from these 4 observations, there are a few things that I have noticed. For example, I have an authority currently of 47 and if someone with an authority over 47 links back to me, then the chances are higher for my Technorati authority to rise but if their Technorati ranking is lower than it can take one or two link backs from similarly ranked blogs or websites to have your authority rise.
2. Also, keep in mind that additional traffic doesn’t necessarily mean “converted readers”. Some people are just curious! We all are. If i see a link that sounds interesting, I will click on it regardless of whether I hang around and read. Usually if your traffic starts to rise, it doesn’t automatically mean that you will have a higher RSS readership. You have to build your RSS readership slowly as it takes time for people to get addicted to your blog.

So, I hope that helped clear up some doubts and remember that just because someone has a low Technorati ranking or is a “newbie” to the blogging world, it doesn’t make their link back less valuable. Sooner or later, you will be happy that you didn’t disregard the smaller bloggers out there. Again, if you want a free link back from my blog try my link exchange program or if you want to double your luck then check out my contest, you will get a free link back there and a chance to win a 1GB Video Player. Thanks for reading!