There are a lot of services out there that let you see how much your blog is worth or how much a link on your blog should cost and I am here to introduce those types of services to you. I experimented with some of them myself and because I am still new to the game, the blog price or link price wasn’t too great but I’m going to discuss them anyway.

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Dane Carlson runs a blog that has actually uses Technorati’s API to figure out the value of your blog. I really don’t know how good the estimates for this are but after doing a few lookups on prices, I figured they were a bit skewed, approximately by a margin of around 6 times the amount. My blog was valued at somewhere around $10,000 that would mean that the actual value would be around $1600. Not too shabby if I think about it but it could be better. Obviously the marketplace at Sitepoint was the perfect place to match up actual bids to numbers generated by the nifty little pricing tool by Dane Carlson. Either way, fascinating tool and below is what it showed for my blog. If you want to try it for yourself go here.

Blog Worth

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This is actually through TLA themselves and it actually estimates the amount of monthly revenue you will be able to generate depending on how many ads you run and how much you will earn per ad on a monthly basis. It seems to be pretty accurate based on my calculations but since I am not as yet verified by TLA I cant confirm it but I guess you will have to take my word on it. The test is really quick and not much information is required. According to the search a text link would cost $5 monthly, total revenue would be $25-50 a month. Again, not bad income however Im still not qualified according to TLA! :( . Anyway, find the price of your text link ad by going here.

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This is an alternative to TLA and it determined the price of a text link on your website as well as the price of a billboard on your website. It provides estimates for your home page, sub page or if you want to run it site wide, then those estimates will all be available. The estimates from this are based upon your outbound links, page rank, alexa rank, link rank, number of indexed pages and whether or not you are indexed on yahoo. To access the Link Worth Page click here.

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Provided by the same website as LinkWorth, this determines how well your page ranks based on your ratings and determines a price relevant for that range. It is based on Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, All the Web and your Link Rank score. My link rank score was in the 0-1000 range and that means I’m not doing so well, but then again as time goes on I am sure things will pick up. This is just an estimate but it seems to be a good estimate in terms of providing a reasonable range. I tested some other blogs to verify whether the tool works well and isn’t bogus. Check your Link Rank by going here.

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This is provided by TLA again and what it does is see whether your blog has enough “juice” in relation to other blogs or websites. Its actually a pretty good reference tool in terms of seeing your improvement. I remember at the beginning I was in the decimal range and finally I have moved into the whole number category! If you want to see if your blog can churn out a full glass of blog juice, go here.

Well, hope you liked this post about blog tools and I hope you find them easy to use. There were a few more tools out there but because of the initial work required to get them to work, I decided to go with the simpler ones that provide results almost instantaneously. The best part about most of these tools is that they all seem to work quite well and their results prove to be accurate too, aside from the Dane Carlson tool. Either way, its just entertaining to see how much money your blog can bring in. Stay tuned in about 12 days for my blog earnings and revenue sheet. Have fun and keep blogging!