Every once in a while you probably have the whole situation where you’re thinking to yourself, “I really don’t know what I can blog about” but you have to realize that your readers are interested in reading something that is interesting, they can relate to or informational. If you are a make money online blog and one day you blog about how you have lost money on a particular affiliate program (i.e. picking a less profitable ad over a more profitable ad), people still want to read it. The reason for this is because if you only show the good side of things, you are misleading your readers into believing that everything is perfect. Anyway, getting back on subject, here are a few tips to avoid writers block:

1) Pick out a few topics -This is something I tend to do quite often and its usually when I am having a good day writing my blog post. I will pick out a few topics (not posts) that I have some opinion about and that way, when I am stuck on what to blog about, I can pick one of those topics and blog about it. It may not sound really helpful but once you try it out, you will see for yourself.

2) Timestamp is your friend – If you have a busy schedule then this is for you. You can actually “Timestamp” your posts in WordPress allowing you to write a post today and have it published at a time and day specified by you. I do like this idea however I prefer writing fresh posts because it helps me remember what I last blogged about.

3) Look at the news – If something is news to you, then it most probably is news to others too. If you read other tech sites or even the occasional CNN, you may get a heads up on an issue or event that your readers may not be aware of and you could blog about it.

4) This Week in Blog – the blogosphere is filled with news itself and this is a great resource. “This Week In Blog” means that you can write a blog post about what some other bloggers have done this week that inspired you, informed you and motivated you to participate. This could be anything from a great post to a contest even. Your readers like to know whats going on, so tell them!

Well, this ends another one of my famous lists and hopefully you can get something out of it. I am currently trying to get back on my feet and so I would really appreciate if you could Stumble or Digg this post if you like it! Thanks for reading!