So, I will have a second post coming up really soon because my contest ends on the 15th but I wanted to talk to you today about what I will be doing to help my blog get noticed. I know I’ve been slacking but thats because my brain cannot remember as many URL’s as it once used to be able to. I’ve always said that the best way to get noticed is by commenting and I have realized that the way for me to read all the posts and comment cannot be accomplished as easily anymore. Lets take a look as to why:

1) Remember Favorite Blogs -
Yes, thats true. I remember the URLs to my favorite blogs but thats becoming a problem. I’m running out of room or simply, I just can’t remember the URLs anymore because theres so many blogs that I like reading. The problem this creates is that I really don’t know which blogs I’ve read and which ones I haven’t, so I start to get confused and thats why I decided to try something else.

2) RSS Email Subscription
– As much as I like promoting RSS Email Subscriptions, I personally have a lot of email coming in on a daily basis (100-200) and for me to find the RSS Emails, becomes a little hard to manage. Not to say that I’m lazy but I hate missing a good post because I didn’t catch the email in time. Plus, considering that some bloggers write more than others, I may get a few emails and it all gets messy so I figured that theres only one more alternative left.

3) RSS Reader
- Thats right. I am switching to a new RSS Reader. I’ve used one associated with one of my Gmail Accounts but now I’m setting up a new one and adding the blogs I currently read to that RSS Account. The problem the old account isn’t any good is because theres lots of RSS links to websites that are not part of the blogosphere or there are rss links to blogs that just don’t exist anymore. So, I figure that as long as I create a new one and add all the active blogs that I read, that I’ll be good.

What does this mean for me? Well, this means that even if I check my RSS reader every few days, I won’t miss out on good posts, I’ll still be able to comment and help myself get noticed as well as gain more knowledge now instead of missing out. To be honest, this is going to be a big overhaul just because I have a lot of blogs that I read and visit but I’m excited and I wonder what your preferred method is for keeping up with blogs and commenting?