I have been asked several times to write more posts about traffic and how to improve traffic and my answer is usually, well there isn’t really a definitely guide but I’ll write a post sometime about it. Well, here it is! I thought about this for a while before I actually wrote the post and I realized that traffic can be tricky because you have to try and guess to see what works for you but all in all there are some steps that you can follow to help you out.

1) Be Unique - As a blogger your content has to be unique. You cannot copy anyone else’s posts or use their articles as a major source of so-called inspiration. You have to write a post that reflects your thoughts and ideas and to a certain degree is different from what people usually see.

2) Be Consistent - The whole idea of being consistent is something that I realized early on. If you provide good content day in and day out, readers will return to see what else is new. I know that my hiatus from blogging can be considered inconsistent but I really didn’t want to blog about anything that wasn’t quality content so I stayed away from blogging completely. Either way, your posts should have the same level of input as the previous and as the next one will have.

3) Take Reader Input – This is probably a big help for most bloggers. The reason I wrote this post was because a few of my readers asked me as to what I do to improve my traffic. You have to be willing to see what your readers like and dislike and post accordingly thereby helping your readership. Also, remember that it is always important to respond to comments and emails.

4) Stay Within Your Niche – Its very easy to be tempted to blog about an off-niche topic but you have to realize that most of your readers have an expectation when they visit your website. If you have a blog about technology, you really can’t be talking about politics. Stay true to your niche and your readers will appreciate it.

5) Be Approachable/Helpful - This is key and probably difficult to portray through an online medium but the idea is that you should always tell your readers that you are available to answer emails and that they can contact you without hesitation. If you’re asked for help don’t just say no before you see what is needed of you. Be sure to lend out a helping hand whenever possible and try to tell your readers that you are available to answer their questions and concerns. If you aren’t a friendly person or don’t really want to help, then you probably shouldn’t expect your readers to connect with you.

So, I hope you liked my post regarding traffic and I know that most of my readers do follow these techniques so I’d like to see what some of your traffic improving tips are. I have had some very successful traffic improving techniques that even helped my blog drop from 400,000 in Alexa to 300,000 in one month solely due to increased traffic. Anyway, hope you liked it and let me know what you think!