As you know, I haven’t written too many full website reviews and I’d like to in the future. As a matter of fact, I’m writing one really soon but I figure I’d write this post to help some of you guys get started. If you haven’t seen my previous reviews, here and here are where you can see two examples.

A review doesn’t necessarily have to be really long or include several facts or images to be called a good review but it should certainly list out the key points. I feel that when writing a review, you as a blogger have certain responsibilities and I’m going to do a list to discuss some of those responsibilities:

1) Best Bang For The Buck – When you offer to do a review for someone, you need to make sure that you follow their instructions with the links and anchor text provided and help them get their point across. Talk about the product/service and give them a good amount of exposure. Make sure they feel that their money was well spent.

2) Be Honest With Them – The idea of a review is not only to help promote the product or service but to honestly represent it to your readers. If you don’t like something mention it or if you think something can be improved then talk about it. It helps your readers realize the pros and cons.

3) Constructive Criticism – Be sure that if you don’t like something to mention a way how they can improve upon it or give them a few tips through email if you don’t want to do it on your blog. That way, you don’t seem like you’re just knocking them down but are there to help them build up.

4) Use Screenshots/Images – Be sure to provide reference to your points and highlights by using screenshots from different parts of their website. This helps in getting the point across better and plus if you have something to point out, your readers tend to understand it better by actually seeing it.

5) Give Details - Don’t skimp on the details. You can even divide up your review into sections to be sure to cover all aspects of the product or service. Be sure to provide a complete and detailed review instead of an incomplete and sparse one. The more details, the more effective your review is.

So that was my short list about how you can write good reviews. You don’t have to make it paragraphs and paragraphs but be sure to cover all the bases and keep biases out of it at all times. Hopefully you enjoyed this and look forward to my review coming up soon. If you’re interested in purchasing a review, then all you have to do is email me! Have a good weekend everyone!