I received a review offer from howto.fm. As the name states, the website lets you find guides relating to “how to“. It is actually a directly that lets you submit your articles and tutorials relating to several different types of categories.

You can submit an article as long as it is your unique content and not published anywhere on the internet. They also have a free content section where you can get free content for your own website which sounds like a neat idea.

They also have an article submission page which lists certain criteria before you submit an article. Submitting an article also seems easy to do and there are several aspects of submission that are monitored to maintain the quality of the articles on the website.

The first thing I had to do was see whether or not they had a blogs section which they did. The section contained 2 posts that were posted just a few days ago. The one thing that bothered me about the article pages was that sometimes a page included all 3 250×250 Google Ad blocks that converted a large area of real estate into ad space. Secondly, the text of the articles is quite small (8-10px) and it really starts to bother your eyes after a while. I would highly suggest making the font atleast 10pt so that readers will not have a difficult time reading the articles. As for the ads, it might be a good idea to have consistency in ad placement on all of the articles.

The overall design of the website and the layout of the inner pages looks really good to me. I personally think that the concept of the website is quite good but is similar to some of the other websites that I have heard about.

As far as content goes, the articles look to be in good shape. Sometimes it felt that the writing was a bit unprofessional or a little amateur but it could be that the author of the article has their own style of writing that I am not accustomed to.

In Mozilla it seemed as though sometimes there were errors in coding that caused the top navigation buttons to shift further down or certain images to display incorrectly but hopefully those issues will be addressed soon. The website seems to be doing quite well with over 350 articles submitted since November 2007 which is a good statistic.

I really look forward to seeing how well howto does. I think the website has great potential to serve as a great place to read and obtain some good articles. I also believe that there are certain internal issues that need to be resolved and I am sure that they are aware of that and are working on getting it fixed. I really hope they are able to use my suggestions to improve their website. Hope you guys liked the howto.fm