Here are some videos from today. Its currently 3 hours before the eye of the storm is over Houston however, the winds are already at around 60mph with gusts at 70mph. I have some videos to give you an idea of the winds at different times of the day.

This video is 12 hours before Hurricane Ike makes landfall so this is from 1pm CST today. The winds were at about 20mph with short spurts of rain.

The video below is 7 hours before Hurricane Ike and is from 6pm CST today. The winds were at about 40mph with gusts reaching 50mph. I was actually talking in the video however you cannot hear it because of how strongs the winds were. Also, the camera is shaking in the beginning due to very quick gusts of wind.

I will have more videos as time goes on and will add them to this post in order to not create unnecessary posts. I may not be able to post them as they happen since I am sure that Internet may be out and the possibility of losing electricity is also not something to overlook. These videos are just to give you an idea of how the storm is and these were taken at my house. Hope others in the Texas area are safe. Hope the rest of you have a good weekend!

UPDATE: I am fine and well. Its 10am and the storm is going to be in my area for a couple more hours. Winds are still quite strong and the rains are still coming down. I haven’t slept since yesterday and had lost power for a little bit as well but nothing major. There are 3 million customers without any electricity right now so its worse for them. The winds had really picked up and were howling for hours at a stretch and the rains were extremely hard in the middle of the night. So far, there was no damage and I can only leave the house after the curfew ends at 10am and even then, I won’t be driving anywhere. I hope to bring you more videos soon!