Maybe this is a something you think about at times during the day and actually this is the same thought thats going through my head. Twitter has become a great networking tool in the past year, mostly because of its popularity. A year or two ago, most people hadn’t heard of Twitter unless you were geek lords like I was.

The basic idea of Twitter is simple. You add a bunch of friends or colleagues or business contacts and you can send out short updates as to what you are currently working on or something you need their advice or help with. The basic idea being is that if you have a well built follower list, then you can reach the best people at the most relevant time.

Why Is Twitter So Popular?
1) Convenient – Its convenient! You use the app on your phone, you go to or you visit it from other 3rd party applications like TweetDeck

2) Relevant – In the work that I do daily, I hear the word relevant all the time. Basically, its relevant because the world is now becoming technologically connected. With the use of Twitter, I don’t necessarily have to email anyone anymore. I can ask them real-time through Twitter. I can also ask the same people the same question. It makes communication more relevant and instantaneous than it already was.

3) Network of Responses – Sometimes, if you’re having an issue, such as gmail being down a few days ago, you can ask your followers and they will respond as to what is going on. You can receive responses from people who you don’t even know. Its called “marketing” for a lot of companies. Companies now can ask their customers and interact with their customers on an almost 1:1 basis. This phenomenon never really existed before Twitter.

4) Ease of Use - So, as many of you know, it isn’t rocket science as to how to use Twitter. Its simple! Even if you aren’t from the “Twitter Generation” , you can get online and browse around and figure it out in under 20 minutes, if that. Its easy to use and the design is a big part of the functionality that you get from Twitter.

5) Global Network
– This ties into #3 and slightly into #2. The basic idea is that if you have a good source of followers and people who you follow, you’ve just built yourself a network of people who KNOW what you are talking about, who CARE what you have to say and who are very likely to RESPOND to what you are saying. That has been the key to success in the past and now you have it at your fingertips!

Now, all you have left to do is follow me on Twitter and every Friday, I go through and follow people, so if you don’t see it happen instantaneously, I promise you, I will! Have a good rest of the week everyone!