Well, it has been a long time since I reported my earnings for the month on the blog. I used to do the income reports on the 15th of every month and the last report was done on November 15th when the earnings were $36.21. Since then, quite a few things have changed including the theme and the niche of the blog. I have decided to step away from the Make Money Online theme mainly because I started to believe that it was overrated.

Anyway, I decided to take a more active role in my blog in the month of January and you can see that in my earnings. It was the best performing month here at Enkay Blog. This month also marks the last month for Text Link Ads mainly because there were quite a few people who regained their Page Rank after they removed TLA. Anyway, lets get right to it. The income for the month was $334.47 .

January 2008 Earnings Report
Google Adsense – $18.67
Text Link Ads – $5.09
Kontera – $3.06
Smorty – $48.60
ReviewMe / Direct Reviews -$166.42
SponsoredReviews – $92.63
Grand Total Earnings: $334.47

So the first month starts out with a big bang and now that I finally have AwStats, I know that we received over 100,000 page views in the month which is very impressive. As many of you know, we have lots of advertising options and the cheapest one is a text link that starts at $10 a month or you can go all out and get a review which is only $20 and you can purchase one by clicking below:

The top commentator for the month was Abhijeet from Life is Colourful so his 125×125 banner in the sidebar is extended for an additional month. Remember, that if you win the top commentator of the month you get a free blog/website review, so lets see those comments!

As far as this months income goes, I was really surprised by Smorty, as it was a very easy way to earn money. Their approval system takes longer than most, but it does work quite well. Smorty was a new addition to my income source and I hope to see it pull such numbers in the future.

ReviewMe was very successful in bringing in 50% of this months total income and I am not surprised. ReviewMe has always contributed to this blogs income and I really recommend that you try it out.

Same goes for Sponsored Reviews which is a place where you can decide what you want to be paid for a review. I only did 2 reviews to earn the $92.63, so that is quite impressive also.

Hopefully you guys had a great first month blogging. I hope to see these numbers rise and if you have blogged about your monthly income, please leave me your link and I will definitely check it out! Thanks again for a great first month guys!