I have never taken part in a large scale linkage routine but the crazy cows at JohnCow tempted me into doing so. This list will help you grow the number of backlinks to your blog as well as your RSS readership. I feel pretty strongly that having this list on your blog will help you gain more visitors and definitely the much needed back links! I have a competition running and that has helped me gain a larger readership base as well as increase my Technorati ranking on a daily basis. Whats the benefit for me? Well think about this, if 10 people copy this and 10 more after that you automatically have a 100 more backlinks and 100 more subscribers. The benefit is that you can increase your payouts from sites such as ReviewMe, PayPerPost and Sponsored Reviews! So what are you waiting for, go on ahead and read below for your instructions!

#Start copy here#

The idea is simple: You want readers and you want link backs too because that’s all us bloggers want, it’s more precious than milk for some:twisted:

So how does it work?
Simple! You just copy the list down below on your blog, hence creating link backs for your blogging friends and then click the RSS feed link to subscribe to all of them. Then you add yourself and up to 5 other bloggers and their feeds to the end of the list before you publish it on your own blog. Show your friends some link love :)

Just imagine if just 10 people would do this and then 10 more after them. That would get your blog 100 extra link backs and 100 extra feed subscribers!

The Original List:

#End copy here#

Dont worry if you aren’t on the list. Once you copy this list and post it on your blog, I will get a pingback and I will check the pingback daily and add you to the list if you were missing! Its that simple! Make sure that you aren’t using no-follow tags because then “No Link For You!” . Anyway, Happy Friday!