I have always used Kontera since I started blogging but if you look back at my old blog birthdays, you will always notice that the most I ever made from Kontera was under $5 per month for hundreds of clicks. I stuck around with Kontera regardless of that because I kept changing the way I implemented the ads. After 8 months into it, I decided to get rid of Kontera but never really was able to come up with a reason what could replace it. Either way I earned up a decent sum and forgot about replacing it when I returned to blogging in May.

It was in June that I was contacted by a representative from Infolinks guaranteeing me a higher payout percentage and I figured that since I was wanting to replace Kontera I decided to go ahead with it. This company is called InfoLinks and the day I added it was June 19th and I wrote a post about it.

I was speaking with Abhijeet from Life Is Colourful on Gmail chat as to how I wanted to test it out before I recommended it to my fellow bloggers. If you realize, there is no affiliate program and so there is no added benefit to me from recommending this to you except for the fact that I want to help you get better payouts. So anyway, I added Infolinks and just let it do its thing. After 2 weeks running Infolinks I realized that the payouts per click were higher than Kontera and I thought to myself, well thats not bad. Well, today when i logged into Infolinks, I came to realize that I have earned the same amount with InfoLinks in one month than I did with Kontera in the entire year.

Another thing I noticed when I switched from Kontera to InfoLinks was that the javascript that InfoLinks uses loads faster so it reduces page load time which was the subject of my previous post. I had improved my page load time by 25% when I had made the switch.

In Conclusion
So, What Am I Suggesting? Well, if youre unhappy with Kontera then I suggest you try out InfoLinks. They seem to have worked very well for me and you might be surprised by the results yourself. It has offered my higher payouts and better performance in terms of page load time so give it a shot and sign up and let me know what you think/decide. Thanks guys!