Beauty Holding is as unique an idea as one can be. I was contacted by them to do a review and after hearing the concept, I figured it really was unique. Beauty Holding is basically a community for models looking for financial support in order to fulfill their dreams. This is achieved by sponsors who are willing to invest in models to help them reach a goal of $10,000. Once a model reaches that goal, the money will allow her to pursue her career in modeling. The money will be used to fly the model out to London or Paris and par-take in photoshoots with top photographers The Model is then referred to as a Golden Beauty when she reaches her $10,000 goal. Two of the models featured in the picture above are Victoria and Fiona so you can have a look at their profiles by clicking on their names.

What’s In It For A Sponsor?

Sponsors are able to purchase stake in a model by investing as little as $1. The idea is that when a model reaches her $10,000 goal you will receive a return on your investment. Well, basically Beauty Holding will be the personal manager of the Golden Beauty and during the first year, her modeling income will be split between her and her stakeholders in a 50-50 share. If you invested $100 then you have a 1% share and if you invested $1000 then you have a 10% share. Its as simple as that. Also, you dont have to worry about the model not fulfilling her part of the bargain as Beauty Holding will be managing her bookings and providing you with your share of the earnings that are due.

How Good Is The Concept?
Well to be honest, the concept is really good. I like the way this is going but as soon as I read that I have a few questions in my mind. I wish there was a little more detail as to the contacts that Beauty Holding has in London or Paris to be able to get these models in the running for photoshoots and modeling work. It is stated that the models will be introduced to agencies and clients however as an investor I’d like to know the agencies and a little bit of the background about Beauty Holding in terms of experience in this field.

Aside from that discrepancy, I find the idea interesting and would really like to see how this develops as more sponsors join in and purchase stakes in their favorite models. I would also find it interesting if there was a short video posted about the possibilities in terms of modeling jobs for the Golden Beauty. A video with what is possible as a result of associating oneself with Beauty Holding will also be useful in attracting new sponsors and models.

What Are The Models Potential Earnings?
The models potential earnings result from events such as catwalks, editorials, advertorials, catalogues, tv and ad campaigns. The combination of all these various types of professional work result in anywhere from 150 to 5,000 Euros which converts to $225 to $7,700. This could mean that you get what you invested, loose a little or earn quite a bit back. If the model is popular and does well then the amount of your return will be much higher so if you’re willing to take a little risk as you would have to with any kind of investment, then you could walk away happy.

Who Are The Models?
Well, when I looked there were 90 different models with a combined $5,000 invested by different sponsors. Models such as Victoria or Fiona seem to be doing fairly well and are in the Top 5 in terms of total sponsorship money. There is no doubt that the models are beautiful women who deserve a chance but it all depends on your taste as to who you pick to invest in.

Website Design & Layout
I actually like the way the website is laid out and the functionality of the current system. The colors tend to be a bit similar at times but it creates an artsy look. Over all I’m quite impressed with the design. The model’s pictures are displayed well and the sponsors are listed in order of investment and just the way the website is set up is great. The one thing I’d really like is to lose the background that is displayed on all model pages in order to make it more appealing and easy on the eyes. I’m providing an example below so you can see what I’m saying.

Overall Impression
Overall, I like the concept of being able to sponsor a model to pursue her dream while expecting her to repay you with her earnings from her first year as a model. The idea of purchasing a stake makes it easy for anyone to invest with as little as $1. I would like some clarity in terms of the background of the owners of the website and how they are able to maintain contacts with top photographers, agencies and clients but thats a matter that I am sure that are willing to discuss further. The concept is new and unique and although there are over 90 models, there is still a need for lots of sponsors who are willing to invest money in the careers of these models. I’d really like to see how this concept develops and would definitely like to see the first Golden Beauty model’s net earnings. Once again, if you’d like to check out the website click here and sign up if you’d like!