I have been receiving quite a bit of emails from BuyBlogReviews recently and I’m actually surprised as to what has happened. I did use BuyBlogReviews a few times and have received one or two payments from them but more recently I have been sticking with Sponsored Reviews and ReviewMe mainly because the offers are more geared towards my blog and the advertisers they have are usually high quality if you pick them well or if they come find you.

Whats my problem you ask?
Heres the problem I have and I think its something that you’ll agree with. I am signed onto a few websites – Buy Blog Reviews, Sponsored Reviews, Review Me and Pay Per Post but the most emails I receive are from BBR. About 90% of them are about an opportunity being added and usually the opportunity pays around $2 or $3. I think that adding opportunities at that price point for some blogs, and letting them know about them, is sort of like looking down upon them. Im not saying I’m too good for that, but being at that price level its too low for most bloggers to be willing to accept it and write 200 words about something.

Buy Blog Reviews
I just logged into the BBR system today because they keep sending me emails checking whether im still active and sure enough, lots of opportunities under $4 for things like credit cards, gambling and medical treatments. I just think that having a lot of offers about that kind of stuff doesnt mean that you’re connecting to your bloggers. I just thought it was sort of pointless. I decided that it was time to check on Pay Per Post.

Pay Per Post
I logged into the PPP system today and as expected, it looks a lot like Sponsored Tweets and the majority of opportunities were $3 or lower and the ones that were at $20 or higher level were for lipo treatments, casinos and other adult websites. I’m not really sure where most of the quality opportunities are. I understand that PPP is probably relying on advertisers finding bloggers and thats fine, but I looked at Sponsored Reviews next. They had tons of opportunities that have been in the system.

Sponsored Reviews & ReviewMe
The problem with SponsoredReviews is that their advertisers sometimes never reply back or reply back with a really low counteroffer but they also have a lot of the lipo, casinos and adult type offers but they also have lots of other offers. I’d say its about 40% of those types of offers and 60% good offers. As far as ReviewMe is concerned, they also have offers but its generally mixed. Very rarely do I find the medical type offers and I dont think ive even seen a lot of adult offers. Problem with ReviewMe is that there aren’t that many to pick from most of the time.

Why am I picking on BBR?
Basically, what I’m saying is that, its easy to have tons of offers and none of them be of any use. Sponsored Reviews has lots of everything but it can be a while before you hear back from an advertiser. ReviewMe has more quality offers but there aren’t many to pick from and PPP and BBR have offers but their payout is too low to even consider. What makes this post focused on BBR is the fact that I receive lots of emails about offers being added to the system even though the offers are really not quality at all.

I want to know your thoughts if you use BBR or if you are a member and you get tons of emails from them. I think it would be nice to know that im not the only one receiving all these emails!