Im sure many of you who read my blog have been blogging for a while and maybe haven’t seen results or the complete opposite. When you sit down one day and think about you, you wonder, whats the difference between me and the other guy who is actually doing quite well?

The answer is simple, if not pretty obvious – they attract more readers. Does that mean they write better or they’re more creative or their blog looks better? Who really knows – but when it all boils down, you have to know that you have to be creative. You have to try and use the resources you have in the best possible ways to achieve the results youre looking for.

Back in the day, I started wondering whether being creative in general was useful to being a good blogger and if so, how do we use our creativity to get more readers. The answer is simple and here are a few ways you can use your creativity.

1) Videos – get creative in the blogging business by using videos to enhance your posts. I’ve always said you can bring your blog posts to life by using videos instead of actual words. Staying away from fancy effects may be good but depends what youre doing. A lot of the fade in/fade out and transitions can affect you negatively but if you do some interesting video effects then it might actually help you but do remember that it would result in taking more time to put out videos.

2) Pictures – people love pictures and adding pictures to your post like I did to this one can really help attract and keep visitors on your page when they first visit the page. Pictures can also be used as graphs or to tell a story so you can use pictures to get creative. However, this does require you to sort of know how to use photo editing software such as Photoshop but hopefully you already know your way around that a little at least.

3) Humor – Humor is a big part of everything and some people are great at it and others arent. You have to see what youre good at and use it to your advantage so if humor is not your thing or your jokes just dont work then dont do it! Find something youre good at and try to use it to your advantange. I have done a few things with humor and they’ve turned out okay but nothing spectacular. is a perfect example of using humor to attract readers. Do what you have to do, but humor is a good place to start – thats if youre good!

Theres a lot more creative tips but to keep from having long posts like I once did I’m going to stop here and try to pick up after the New Years post! Hope you all have a good week and a great New Years!