John Chow - Walmart

Ever wonder why the small businesses in some towns are being eaten away when a Walmart is the new attraction in town? Well, I thought about it and its true, Walmart provides killer deals, has better brand recognition and well has more resources. Recently I thought about this analogy of John Chow being the Walmart of blogging. Although some might argue that the “big dawgs” (being a big dawg is a good thing, trust me!) of blogging are Darren Rowse or Shoemoney or someone other than John Chow, I would say that when it comes to making money through a blog, nobody does it better than John Chow. Also, the fact that John Chow is very open about the income he makes from his blog also helps in making that statement. Now, what do I mean by John Chow is the Walmart of Blogging?

Well, lets take a look at this idea. How many money making blogs are there? You would probably say about a few million. Next question, how many make more than $1000 a month and then the answer would probably be, a few thousand. Im not trying to say that John Chow is eating the competition up alive but then you might argue, what about your blog title? Well, thats just an eye catcher for the most part. Now getting to what I am trying to say, is that the top 1% of money making blogs are dulling the shine of the newcomers in the business. In other words, the more popular you are in terms of familiarity with your readers and in making money online, the more business you consistently earn.

On the other hand of this spectrum are new bloggers who may have great content but aren’t able to stand out of the bunch because the bloggers who have been around a while are still holding their place. Then again, this is the situation in pretty much every industry – its called “first mover advantage.” The concept of the first mover advantage is that if you are the pioneer in a certain field, then it can be safely said that you will still remain in the Top 10 lineup if you maintain yourself. On the other hand, if you are a new entrant into this pre-established field of experts then you will have a harder time getting up there.

Alright, so lets stand back and take a look at this again. Its no joke making money online, its a tough business and there is definitely going to be competition but all it takes to withstand the forces of making money online is perseverance. My main theory is never give up and you have to try something before you throw it out the window. Once again, I’m not saying that John Chow is the newbie killer (he is the panda killer though!) but what I am saying is that it has become harder for new bloggers to achieve fame and fortune in the world of making money through blogging. Hopefully you enjoyed reading this post and I want to know what your thoughts are about the idea that it has become harder for newcomers to make as much money online. Thanks for reading guys!

[Update] – John Chow responded saying

Shouldn’t it be ChowMart? :)