For starters, MMO means Make Money Online as in the niche of blogs focused on making money through their blogs. I notice that every time I blink my eyes, another blog thats in the MMO niche pops up and its really starting to feel kind of crowded. Considering the fact that most MMO blogs don’t make money, it seems a bit weird that theres so many of them.

This blog started off as a blog filled with random posts and then converted to a MMO blog and after realizing how crowded it felt, I moved onto the general blogging niche. Today, I talk about blogging tips, affiliate marketing and money but I really don’t miss being part of the MMO niche mainly because I don’t have fingers pointing at me saying “well, you’re not really making a lot of money”. The point of this discussion, you ask? Well, let me discuss a few points with you to help you understand what I mean.

1) Its not about Money, Its about readers – The big issue is that bloggers in the MMO field think that they need to focus on the idea of making money to actually make money but its not true. You need readers and traffic in order to make money. The idea is that more readers leads to higher ad revenue and more clicks and therefore more money so its really not all about money.

2) You don’t have to be MMO to make money – Heres a big one. Theres lots of car and technology and other niche blogs that make a really nice amount of money. You don’t have to focus on the MMO field to actually make money. I know a lot of bloggers that talk about blogging tips and make six figures so you need to realize that just because your MMO doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll make money. Find a niche you’re comfortable in and then leverage your skills and knowledge in that niche to help you get to your goal.

3) More Ads Doesn’t Mean More Money – The fact that you have all the shapes, sizes and colors of ads doesn’t really mean that you can fool visitors and readers into clicking it. Oh, and don’t even try to hide it in the middle of your post, thats not sneaky, its just WRONG. Don’t do it! Most of us only have a few 125×125 ads, maybe Adsense or in-text ads. You don’t need all different banners and ad boxes in order to make money. Keep it simple and as time goes on your revenue will go up. Don’t start off looking like spam because it will turn people away.

So hopefully these suggestions make sense. I wonder how many bloggers consider themselves MMO. Do you think you’re in the MMO niche? Let me know. I know some of you are in technology and even poetry so being unique always helps. Thanks for hanging around till I got my groove back and my health back in order to blog again. Time to start stalking my favorite blogs, leave me your comments!