Hey guys, I have been noticing a lot of the MMO blogs lately going into different directions but some of the things I have seen have been quite a change in the MMO blogs that have been growing and expanding at rapid rates going into new areas and I kind of wanted to write about the trends here and see if anyone agrees with what i have noticed.

1) Magazine Style Blogs – It seems like what attracts readers is a comprehensive blog, one that incorporates video content, featured articles and actual blog content. The move towards magazine style blogs means that bloggers have to either put out content not as frequently as before allowing them to focus more on featured articles. The problem with magazine style themes is that they take away from the reader experience that most blogs bring to the table which can be a downer for some readers because readers want a easy to read page. By now however, some readers are used to it but it can still turn some readers off. Maintaining a standard blog layout like mine does mean that I’m not moving along with the trend but I also dont consider myself to be competing against the larger powerhouse blogs either.

2) Newsletters – This seems to be something that somewhat baffles me. Newsletters are becoming more and more popular and I am signed on to the ShoeMoney newsletter after a contest and all I can say is that its like receiving coupons in the mail – some are useful but most of it is just junk. Its a way to self-promote and although it might be helpful, it can get a bit frustrating to those who are signed on. I would like to say I receive emails every so often and although it started out that way, the emails have gotten more frequent. I like the idea of newsletters but not as a means of exploiting ones readers.

3) Sponsor / Ad Focused – Having ads and sponsors is not a bad idea specially when the idea is to help promote a good business out there and most of us started out that way. We found someone we had a good relationship with and we talked about it. Lately what seems to happen is that one blog will talk about 5 sponsors and say the same things about them – for example, “I really love using them, they’re the best”. It starts to sound like the same thing over and over again. I have stuck with Market Leverage, Clickbooth and InfoLinks and those are the only three that I promote because I think they offer their customers a lot more bang for their buck. The problem with sort of selling yourself out is that even though readers will still come and read it, the likelihood of receiving clicks goes does unless you have unique visitors from Google and the like.

I wonder if you guys have noticed the same thing. I don’t mean to rant about it but it seems like I might be the only one making these observations. It might be nice to get a little opinion from my readers as well. Do you think that MMO blogging (especially for the bigger bloggers) has now become a means of trying to commercialize their blog and make it a universal brand of sorts, without regard for the readers?