Well, its all back to the idea of whether or not your blog is your space or not. The idea is that some individuals gear their blogs to accommodate advertisers but I used to think that blogs should be about what you want to talk about not how others are affected. You may have heard the saying “you have to learn to love yourself before others can” and the same goes for your blog. You have to learn to love your blog before others can. Its the whole idea that your content has to be just like it sounds, YOURS!

What that means is that the content you write can be inspired from a general theme or topic but you cannot steal content from anywhere else. I’m not saying that anyone is stealing my content but what I am saying is that you need to be more original in your posts. Most dedicated readers of this blog are worried that if Enkay Blog ever sells, that the content won’t ever be the same. The idea is that when you write a post on your blog, you implicitly embed a picture of yourself within the post. That picture can be very appealing to your readers and a change in the style means not being able to put a face to the content. Does that make sense?

Well, its all about how you are able to brand yourself. Most people know my style of writing and associate themselves with it. For those who are new to my blog, they may notice my style but aren’t affected if the style of posting changes. It all boils down to the fact that you need to design your blog and write content that appeals to you as an author of a blog. You shouldn’t be concerned with what others think because if your content is good, you will always have several admirers and individuals who are influenced by your work.

So, this post is to remind everyone to be themselves and write posts that interest you and don’t just write something for the sake of writing it. I want to help you in being a better blogger by focusing your thoughts and posts on things you can relate to. So now that you are motivated, lets see that great post!