Lately, I have been trying to “Jump Start” my blog and I have noticed that several fellow bloggers are either leaving the blogging business or have slowly started to disappear as time has gone. I have dealt with the issue of not devoting enough time to my blog and have seen the negative effects of doing so. Getting back into the “grove” was quite difficult but now that I am easing in again, it makes me feel more comfortable. I thought I would be a perfect example of reviving your blog again and could provide some tips to slacking bloggers so here goes:

1) Create a schedule – The best way to start getting into blogging again is to pick out a topic ahead of time and think about it a little before actually writing it. This may give you ideas for other blog posts and that way keeps the creative process going. Also, if you decide to publish one post a day before 9am then make sure to stick to it and that way you will start to get accustomed to it again.

2) Look for support – Look around in the blogosphere and see who else may be dealing with the same issues you are. This time around, there are quite a few bloggers struggling to revive their blogs. Send them an email and see if you can motivate each other. The way I did it was to see how many bloggers were actually quitting and that motivated me to try and not be one of them.

3) Be passionate about your subject – The best way to get started is to blog about something that you are passionate about. If you like consumer electronics, blog about it a little and that will keep you going. Its easier to blog about something you are passionate about than something you are not. This doesn’t mean that you have a blog about cars but your passion is horses. It has to be somewhat related.

4) Let your readers know – Another form of support is from your readers. When you let your readers know that you are working to get the blog back on its feet, you will usually get a few people who will commend you for it. Positive feedback is always a great sign and will help you ease back into blogging faster.

5) Dont Give Up – This is advice that anyone from Donald Trump to Warren Buffett will give you, never ever give up! If you personally have given up but still want to blog then it will never happen for you. You have to re-ignite the flame within you to give you the motivation you need to get back on your feet again.

Hopefully you like my tips and make use of them. Have you seen any blogs fizzle out lately? and What would be some of your tips?