It seems like when I added people to the Jump Start Your Page Rank post, that a lot of you never got pingbacks and it didn’t have an effect on your Technorati rankings and nobody emailed me about this but I actually visited about 10 Technorati pages of some of the people who participated in this and noticed it myself. This has made me feel like giving back to those who have gone through the trouble of posting this highly popular link chain on their blog. So here is to the first batch!

The News Press Net
Life Is Colorful
A Touch of Sweetness
That Says It All
Bama 365
Bohemian Bloggers

Dont worry if your name isn’t mentioned there are still about 40+ people that I have to link back to and those will be done over the course of this week. Thank you to all who participated and if you feel that you missed out, you actually didnt. The link train is still going on and pingbacks are still being received as of today! So jump on while you can. Sorry once again to those who linked to me and never got a pingback. If you look at the original post, you will see your blog mentioned but since there was no pingback, I will be doing these in batches of 10.