As many of you know, I am a business major and so the financial markets are of great interest to me. If you watch any business related TV shows such as Bloomberg or Jim Cramer’s Mad Money, then you will notice that a lot of them mention their favorite stocks and provide insight into what stocks to invest in and so forth. Well, I came across a website called Fast Money Stock Picks that actually provides the latest updates from Fast Money CNBC.

This site helps you catch up with the best stock picks in case you missed the show or just need a little direction in terms of which stock to invest in. I think the website is well designed. The layout is pretty good and finding the stock picks isn’t a hassle. I could say that the Google Adsense ads are a bit distracting and that there are too many of them there, but since it is a free service, I can’t do much complaining.

I did go through the stock picks and they seem to be valuable to those who are looking to Buy and Sell. It provides advice to those who earn certain stocks and if you haven’t got your stock picks elsewhere then this might be the right place. I have to say that the stock picks are updated quite frequently which shows that the blogger has maintained the website. Hopefully some of you are able to find this helpful and make use of this resource! Check it out!