I dont know if many of you have noticed but the blog doesnt have Kontera anymore. Sadly, Kontera was not performing as well and I have kept thinking to myself that it may be time for me to get rid of it once and for all. This morning I got an email from Noa over at InfoLinks and he informed me about their in-text advertising program.

The whole idea with InfoLinks is that its exactly like Kontera, only better. They offer a higher payout rate than Kontera which has been a big disappointment for many Kontera users. Furthermore, they make payments with Paypal as well which is something that Kontera has not been able to offer. I actually liked Kontera’s quick integration aside from the fact that its payouts were not that great. Over the course of 1 year, Kontera has barely scraped up $35 which is not a great amount considering the total page views that this blog has received.

The integration at infolinks is the same as Kontera so it only took me literally 5 minutes to go through and swap out Kontera to InfoLinks. The idea is that they are promising 80% revenue sharing and that means better payouts. I am actually positive about InfoLinks and based on the results achieved with Kontera, I am willing to try out InfoLinks to see how well they perform. I will update you on a weekly basis and give you a comparison as to how InfoLinks is performing against Kontera.

I have to wonder though, were any one of you contacted and what do you think about the in-text ads so far?