Kaunhoong Dot Com has a contest going on that ends tomorrow. Unlike most other contests, Kuan wanted entrants to post a review of his blog and I wanted to bring the house down with this review, because I really want to win :). I knew about the contest since July 19th and the reason I waited until the last minute to enter the competition was because I wanted to make sure that I really knew Kuan’s content and blog before I made any comments on it.

Kuan’s blog is about technology, how to make money online and internet marketing. Kuan lives in Japan and his blog is quite successful, considering the fact that he too is in the Top 50K at Technorati, just like myself. The thing I really liked about Kuan’s blog is that he doesn’t waste time with pointless posts. A great majority of his posts have to do with main focus of the blog – making money online. He has a lot of tips and posts that will help current and new bloggers improve upon their blogs and thats what a make money online blog should be all about.

Before I go into the conclusion of the review, I want to discuss the pros and cons on his blog. I want my readers to know that this is my 100% honest opinion and that the reasons this post has no images is because Kuan preferred that there be no images with the review.

+ Neat Design with Sidebar Navigation Icons
+ Good Focused Content
+ Clean Post Setup
+ Good integration of niche based content

– The Skyscraper Google Ad stands out quite a bit
– Not having a Home tab at the top menu

Despite the fact that he likes sour fruits, his 8 interesting facts MeMe was nothing shy of being entertaining. In one of his other posts, he mentioned that his predicted PR was 5 and thats mighty strong for a blog thats around 2 months old. He has quite a few 3 step, 5 step and 10 step guides that make it easy to communicate the knowledge that he has to his readers.The design of the blog is easy on the eyes and the domain name is easy to remember too. I wish Kuan the best of luck with his blog and I really hope my entry into his contest is well accepted! Thanks!