I was talking to my buddy Abdalla from Sweethacks.com when he was telling me how one of his upcoming websites, Xaasid, is making good use of Adsense by embedding the ads within the posts. I was a little surprised because my blog here also has ads embedded within the posts. Until recently, I didn’t have any other formats of Google Adsense ads on the blog. The only other form of ad you will see is on each post page there is a small horizontal image ad. When I typically write posts for my blog, I decide whether or not to put the ads on each post and it all started off because I didn’t want to exceed the 3 ad maximum set by Google.

After talking to Abdalla, I realized that JohnChow has a system where he runs 3 ads on the first 3 posts of his blog. This reminded me of a plug-in called Adsense Deluxe. Although, Adsense Deluxe isn’t as full featured as Adsense Manager that I normally use, I realized that with Adsense Deluxe I can maximize the number of ads that I run on the blog by having the plug-in pick the posts to put the ads on. Another thing that came about as a result of this was that I noticed that when I was picking the posts to put the ads on, I would probably only have one or two posts on a page. It was rare to find a page that made use of all 3 ad blocks. I began to look around and wondered how many people used Adsense Deluxe and how many used Adsense Manager. Both of the plug-ins are pretty popular and in an earlier post I had even featured Adsense Manager.

Either way, let me know your thoughts on how well your Adsense integration is going. I realized that my Adsense revenue may be lacking because there were hardly any ads on the site. I have now installed the Adsense Deluxe plug-in and will try to utilize my ad blocks and hopefully by the next month, I will see a change in earnings.

Update [August 13th @ 12:36] – Adsense Manager has been banned from Google due to some sort of violation. I received an email today and so I have gone through and completely removed the Adsense Manager plug-in. I wanted to inform those of you who may be using the plug-in, that it may be a good idea to switch to Adsense Deluxe or Shylock Adsense Plug-in. Thanks again!