I was recently requested by Mark Schumann to review PublicityWheel.com and after having heard of it already from a few of the other blogs, I was delighted to do so. If you haven’t heard of Publicity Wheel let me give you a quick introduction as to what it is.

How Does It Work?
The basic concept of Publicity Wheel is that you can gain an instant boost of traffic with the help of the wheel. Didn’t quite get it? Well, when the Publicity wheel is spun, it picks on website from each category and gives it full exposure for a certain length of time. Here is a diagram that can help explain it a bit further if you’re more visual like I am.

The way this works is that users include a small 125×125 banner on their website and when a website is picked, it is played on that banner automatically. So, lets say that your website was picked, then you’d be displayed on hundreds and thousands of blogs for several days in a row. This gives you a great boost in traffic and gets you the exposure you need. Best of all, its FREE!

Is It Worth It?
Think about it, it doesn’t cost you anything and all you need to do is add a small banner. A banner that is quite a bit smaller than EntreCard. Now you must be thinking, how do I increase my chances of getting picked? Well, thats quite simple too. Everytime someone clicks on the banner thats on your website you get a publicity point. Each publicity point is like a ticket in a large lucky draw like system. The more points you have, the more like you will be picked. Once you win, your points are reset to zero so that the same sites don’t get picked over and over again. As for those who don’t get picked, your points carry over to the next draw, to help you. So even if you don’t have as many clicks, you’ll still have a chance at getting picked.

Mark Schumann is the man behind this idea and when I learned about this concept I really liked it. I mean, think about it, its free and most bloggers are using Entrecard which has a bigger banner size. Why not switch to something that has a smaller banner size and brings in about the same amount of traffic?

How Much Exposure Can I Get?
Furthermore, each blog is separated into categories and so when you win, your 125×125 ad will only be displayed on websites in your category. This way, you’ll get exposure on blogs that have similar readers. Its an excellent idea and you can get as many as 12000+ views if you are part of the Internet category or around 6500+ views for Entertainment. Be sure to pick the right category in order to gain traffic that will be most interested in sticking around. Have a look at the Exposure Table to see how many views you can generate depending on the category you fall into.

Publicity Wheel Blog & Sneak Peak At The Dashboard
Publicity Wheel also has a blog that helps you stay informed with the new updates and changes that are taking place. I noticed a blog post at the end of June that said the dashboard was newly transformed and I have to say that the dashboard is very well designed. Here is what the dashboard looks like:

The dashboard is separated into 4 panels so that you can easily see what ad design you have selected, how many points you currently have, when the next spin will take place and the stats of the ad currently displaying on your website. All these features have really made it simple for a user at any experience level to login and instantly understand the way Publicity Wheel works. I was very impressed with the design considering Im a ex-webdesigner and the simplicity and choice of colors really won me over.

In Conlusion, there really isn’t much I can suggest to Mark. I think hes done an excellent job in marketing the website as I had already heard about it and visited before. I would recommend all of you to sign up because there are no disadvantages of doing so. There is no cost related to using Publicity Wheel and the ad is smaller than Entrecard so if you currently have that, then space shouldn’t be an issue either.

The wheel was spun just yesterday so if you sign up today, then your chances of being picked by the time the wheel is spun again are good. Go ahead and sign up and I will definitely keep you updated once I get picked! Let me know what your thoughts are about this concept considering I really like the idea. Also, I would like to know if you signed up or are currently a member.